33:  MORPH Magic Course Open for YOU Anywhere!

Yay!  The MORPH Magic Course is live and open to everyone!   Now that we are launched, anyone can join at any time.  You will start at Week 1, Day 1 and continue through the six weeks until completion. 

     The real game on the Earth now is raising our frequency by whatever name you call it.  As the genius Einstein put it, it’s a form of insanity to expect a different result when you do the same thing over and over.  You have to shift, or MORPH!  

Audrye’s Appearance on Joy TV

Wherever You Are, You Can MORPH!

     MORPHing refers to shifting, transforming, gliding into the new and better, allowing ease in your growth without resistance, or relatively little self pushback.  Can you be and do it?  Yes!  If I could do this for you, I would.  As powerful and loving a Light Channel as I am blessed to be, you have to do this MORPHing for yourSself (S-Soul Essence Self and s-ego personality self), just as you create and experience your own orgasms.  Would you want someone else to have your orgasms?  Exactly.

    MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, Soul Essence Self and ego personality self, guarantees your results provided you do the Course as it’s designed to be done.  This means you listen to your daily 30-minute Audio and do what the Audio says while you are listening.  Do you get more?  Of course.  You get videos, written enrichment material, additional Options and Possibilities, BONUSES.  When you complete MORPH Magic, you own the entire Course.  You can do everything at your leisure.  You can go into great depth.  

Get in Now at the Start!

     MORPH Magic is the foundation Course, the prerequisite for all my upcoming online courses.  Get this 6-week miracle at your SPECIAL LAUNCH FEE of $122 now at AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ !  This fee goes up at the June 19th completion of the first run of MORPH.    One of your BONUSES is Special MORPH Fees for Private Sessions with me during the run of the Course. Take advantage of this!

    I am already mulling my second online Course, as well as those to follow.  Start here and now with MORPH!  Once you have Sself Love, and, yes, can review all your MORPH Magic materials, you will more easily be able to succeed in all the following courses.  

    Let me know what else you would like to see created for YOU!