Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality:
Stupendous SEX!

Your Intimacy Healing Exuberance Course

The Sizzle

    Would you love to be so transported beyond pleasure that you are in the Realm of Eternal Bliss, above Earthly concerns? Yes?  Yes!  Yes! I am sure you would! I have been there! 

Who and what are you?  You are a spiritual energetic frequency with an eternal essence, traipsing around in a physical body with mind-emotions-awareness.  When you live in up-leveled vibration with consciousness and mind-emotions-body aligned, you create and live a miraculous life.

     What does this have to do with SEX! or your Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality: Stupendous SEX! Course? Feeling your soul as you merge with another person – or with yourSself — in SEX! is sacred. Can YOU merge with the Divine while on the Earth? Yes!

    Imagine having Transcendent SEX! for yourSself!   Your taking the luscious, deep, transformative SEX! Course makes this possible for you.  SEX! is an area clamoring for clearing, “cures,” and climaxing for people personally and planetarily.  Look at all the issues in yourSself, those you know, people in the news.


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Take both SEX! and MORPH Now for $1100, instead of $1200.  Benefit yourSself $100!

The Yuck

     Are you wrestling with any blockages, trauma or clutter in your Sexual arena?  Are you stopping yourSself from knowing the possibility of extraordinaty bliss? Have you been abused, raped, had an unwanted unnecessary C-section or other less-than-loving Sexual experience?

     Do you feel unworthy, resigned, guilty, unattractive, done, for any reason? Were you prey or predator?  

     The six-week online SEX! Course Guarantees you can MORPH beyond wherever you are now if you do the Course as it’s designed to be done.  This means at minimum listening to the 30-minute Daily Audios and doing what they say as you listenMORPH refers to transforming, healing, upleveling naturally.  Get it now!


Register for SEX! Course is only $600!

Take both SEX! and MORPH Now for $1100, instead of $1200.  Benefit yourSself $100!

     You can also register for MORPH into the Magic of Sself Love, Soul Essence Self and ego personality self, separately by clicking here.

Your Goodies

     SEX! is a gentle, intense, thorough, clearing, emotional, experiential, fun, renovating, reinvigorating, informative Course.  

    You get to awaken to this deep, blissful dimension. With joy, you let go, open to higher vibrations, MORPH, awash in YOUR healthful blend of Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality. You get FREE!

      Heal “whatnots” or “junque” from the past, in this or other life incarnations!  Clear genetic karmic patterning (GKP). Revel in your blend of “female/male/variable” energies!  Add to your bliss journey! SEX! gives you actual practices, whereby you peacefully, passionately, persistently open to greater wonder physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually.  

     Would you love more enjoyment in the Sexual-Sensual arenas, SEX! is for you!  Are you already thrilled with this aspect of your life and are wondering how you can benefit from SEX!  Attend with or without your mate, and discover nuances and aspects of your connection plus delve deeper than you may imagine. 

    With the SEX! Course, you get:

  • Daily Affirmations, 30-Minute Audios, Enrichment Material, Wisdom Teachings, Spiritual Initiations, Mullings, Home Practices, Gratitudes, Appreciations and Blissings.
  • Weekly Video Breathing Attunements.  
  • Weekly Conference Call with Healing.  The Guides from the Light Beyond Time shall be called upon. 
  •   Take advantage of everything, or do it as you choose.
    1. Listen to your Daily Audio and DO WHAT IT SAYS AS YOU LISTEN and you get Guaranteed Results with the Course.  
    2. You also will get the results if you take pauses, go more slowly, do more.
    3. You evolve, MORPH, transform from this Course.
    4. Shall we discuss orgasms? Yes!

Your Benefits

  • Enhanced personal relationships.
  • Better understanding of yourSself and others.
  • More relaxed approach to life.
  • Enhanced passion for life, intimacy, affection.
  • Trust and faith in yourSself.
  • Release of “whatnots.”
  • Eternalizing. You go through the years invigorated ongoingly. 
  • Deeper connection to the Infinite Divine within YourSself and Everywhere.
  • More fulfillment.
  • Enhanced prosperity, wealth, health, happiness.
  • Joy. Bliss. Ecstasy. Peace.
  • Release of incipient sexism, genderism, racism, other isms.
  • Heightened consciousness for YOU and the planet, possibly slowing global warming and catastrophes.
  • Better prepared should you meet a being from another galaxy, time or dimension. 
  • GREAT Stupendous SEX! and orgasmic possibilities.

Your SEX! Agenda and Guarantee

Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality:
Stupendous SEX!

  1. Six-week Course, 42 days and nights, shift your brain patterns, upgrade life conditioning, rid yourSself of Genetic Karmic Patterning, open to bliss possibilities.

  2. Do this six-week Course as it’s designed to be done, and you have Guaranteed Results to be more attuned to your healthy Sensuality Sexuality Spirituality, plus to be free of mucho “whatnots.” Minimally, you listen to your daily 30-minute Audio and do what the Audio says to do while you are listening. 

  3. Yes, I also recommend reading the Enrichment Material, watching the Videos, participating in the Weekly Conference Call.  This is up to you.

  4. Once you complete SEX!, you have the Course and can go over everything at your own pace.  There is plenty to keep you activated, interested, MORPHing. SEX!

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Your Goodies and Bonuses!

  1. MORPH is $600.  SEX! is $600
  2. Take both SEX! and MORPH for $1100 instead of $1200 (You SAVE $100).
  3. You get one FREE 15-minute Session with me, Audrye. 
  4. Registration is always open!  Evergreen!  Register now for this Savings!

Your Six-Week Schedule

  • Week 1: What is Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality: Stupendous SEX!?
    What Is Sex!? Orgasms. Ahhhhhh. Stupendous SEX! Entitlement. Healing/MORPHing.  Affection.  Hugging.  How many sexes are we?

  • Week 2: Clearing Past Whatnots
    Grooming and Healing. Abuse as Predator or Recipient.  Unplanned and Unwanted Pregnancy. Abortion. Rape. Rage. Misuse of SEX! as Anger at Mom, Dad, Partner, Sself, Predator, Life, World, SOURCE.

  • Week 3: Spiritual SEX!
    How to know if you are being Spiritual. How to create and be Spiritual. Loving Unconditionally or Conditionally. Spirituality First. Experimentation. What’s Allowed, Disallowed. Manifesting via SEX!  Sexuality as Creativity, Energy.  

  • Week 4: Picking a Partner(s)
    Sexuality with a Partner. Sexuality with yourSself. Selecting a Partner. Questions to Ask Potential Partner. Selecting a Partner on a Par With Your Consciousness. NOTE: I do not guarantee you a partner.

  • Week 5: Creating a Child or Children
    Contraception. Beginning a Baby and Family. Ending a Pregnancy.  Abortion. Miscarriage. Healing. Forgiveness. Pardoning. Soul as Eternal. NOTE: Having a child is not required for this week or in life.

  • Week 6: Keeping Your Juices Flowing
    Sexuality Through the Years. Celibacy. Issues for Women and Men. E.D.  P.E.  Turned-offedness.  Dryness.  Prolapsed organs.  Lifelong orgasms.

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  2. Once you register for SEX!, you get Special Fees for Private Sessions with Audrye.  Instead of $330/hour, you pay a SUPER SPECIAL $260/hour for Healings, Readings, Life Strategy Sessions, a savings of $70 PER SESSION while you are in the Coruse.
  3. You get a Certificate of Completion when you complete SEX!
    • Take both SEX! and MORPH snow for $1100, instead of $1200. This gives you $100.
    • You get One FREE 15-minute Session with me, Audrye. 
    • Register now for SEX! plus MORPH.  Registration is evergreen, open and available for you.

Ask YourSself

Do you enjoy your Sexuality? Sensuality? Spirituality? Do you experience SEX! as a totality, a unity?

     Have you had horrendous experiences you have allowed to stop or thwart you from enjoying your own body with a partner or yourSself?  

     Do you think you are done with SEX! because of past traumas, your health, belief systems, your age, any other reason?  Would you enjoy being healthy and vibrant in the area of SEX!?  

You Are in the Right Place.
Register Now!
Take both SEX! and MORPH now for $1100!
Enjoy your $100 savings!


Register for SEX! Course is only $600!

Take both SEX! and MORPH Now for $1100, instead of $1200.  Benefit yourSself $100!

Who Am I?

Yarah Prezeau’s Guides,, called me “a spiritual clairvoyant consultant who uses various media to help you bridge the gap to the higher versions of yourSself.”  True!  The Transformation Catalyst and Diversity Expander, I use my Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart, books, private and group sessions, readings, healings, classes, courses, seminars, presentations, speaking, and, Kangen Water to impulse you on your way to life success.  I am also a devoted Mom and Grammie!

     Call me for appointments, speaking gigs, more. Bless you and all us!

Thank you very much!

Many Blessings and LOVE!


888.757.3223  ~  888.75.PEACE