As a Clairvoyant

“Audrye’s abilities as a natural therapist and psychologist bring superb spiritual and practical counseling to her clients, which enhances the transformation of clients’ core issues. When clients do the personal homework designed specifically for them, they evolve more easily.  This evolution can be instantaneous and ongoing, continuing long after a personal session with Audrye or from any of her seminars.

“Clients and Audrye partner in the clients’ greatness. Bringing clients’ potential into actuality is an aspect of this partnership, one of Audrye’s absolute greatest joys and delights. Her ability to bring insights to clients and to always see something within them that can empower them are part of what her sessions bring to all her clients. Audrye stands for the magnificence of her clients and is a witness for who they are in their greatness. Rather than feel that anyone needs “help” per se, Audrye functions as the Light of Clarity facilitating clients in experiencing their inner Beacon so clients can navigate their lives in an empowered enlightened way.

“As a channel of Light and Love, Audrye gives people access to their lives, extremely valuable to them. She can be a mirror, reflecting their souls back to them, while also seeing the human glitches that have accumulated through the passage of time, experience, dimension, as she facilitates them in any combination of acknowledging, loving, embracing, releasing, re-integrating, shifting and/or transmuting these aspects. Clients’ lives change for the better after even one session. A series of ongoing sessions ensures continued transformation. The shifts and results that can be accomplished with the conscious cooperative connection of the client, Audrye as a facilitator, and Source/God/Goddess/The Most High as ultimate Guide is ever amazing and gratifying!

“Information and energy pour out of Audrye.  Her clients – YOU! —  leave with a sense of well-being and peace, infused with a buoyant vibration that carries them  — YOU!!! — forward.

“A global metaphysician, Audrye has done sessions and seminars in the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Her clients know she is committed to their well-being and transformation.

“Personally, Audrye knows herself as a Mystic Intuitive with laughing heart and dancing feet, a Frequency Shifter, Energy Enhancer, Transformation Catalyst.  Born in New York, she also comes from the stars, a Starseed, and is absolutely multi-dimensional, a Cosmic Being, as are we all. Audrye asserts it is time for all of us to claim our birthright and live the lives of beauty, blessings, and bounty that this Earthly paradise promises. “It is up to each of us. We are at a turning point in our collective consciousnesses!!!  It is my pleasure to participate in my own ongoing transformation, freedom, and ascension, as well as facilitate shifts in whoever chooses it.”

“Audrye’s classes, groups, and seminars are interactive, thorough and fun.”

“A precious unique bond occurs between my clients and me as we connect with very deep loving soul levels, agape in actuality.  We also laugh a lot.”

Dr. Robert A Pope, D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)
Transperative Coach and Mentor  –  Robert4Joy@gmail

Spiritual Therapist-Teacher-Sharer

Psychic, Clairvoyant

Energy Healer and Transmuter

Healer, Reiki Master

Access Light Energy Healer

Radiant Light Energy Healer

Ro-Hun Therapist

Past-Life Regressionist-Therapist




Soul Card Reader

Chakra Balancer


Group or Individual Sessions









 “Audrye has a big heart.   All her healing for the people and the planet comes from there.   She is a leader in creating change for our highest good.

“She is a si-star and a friend, and this love keeps growing.  She approaches all her creative endeavors with this same passion.

 “I look forward to all ways she shares her blessed gifts.”

Alisha, Painter, Water Healer and Director of Comedy

“Ms Arbe is an amazing healer and psychic with a warm loving heart….  I was working in a toxic environment, and I was overwhelmed with anxiety in the pit of my stomach that something was terrorizing me.  After a healing session with Audrye, she got rid of it, and it never returned.

“Thanks to Audrye, I am no longer afraid of life.  These are some of the miracles I received from Audrye.  I can say that I became an inspired human being.  I became a Reiki Master and an interfaith minister.  I can really see with my third eye.  I can hear as I never heard before, and I can love unconditionally, which allows forgiveness of myself and others.

“God bless you, Audrye, and thank you with all of my heart for teaching me great and wonderful things, and healing me into the Light.  I am humbled by your grace and love and thank you for this opportunity to tell you.  And as with Audrye’s other wonderful attributes, she is a humble person….  She does her work because she cares.  Thank you, Audrye, in spirit, and all my love to you in person.”

Lorraine Loeb, Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister

“I just wanted to thank you for your work as a healer and seer.  As someone who is also in the healing profession, I know all too well that those that are great at what they do are so by taking themselves out of the equation and allowing the love and light from God to come through to heal.

  “While I have benefited from your highly accurate psychic abilities for several years, it wasn’t until recently I was privy to your distant healing work, and I must say bravo and thank you!  You were able to address a personal issue that I had which affected my physical body, of which I thought it was my emotional self having a debate with itself, and through your abilities you were able to focus on the issue and find where/what/how the healing needed to happen.  It was non-evasive and yet profoundly healing at the same time, and I hope that others find you and are healed through you as well.  Much luv and light!”

Lisa LaMendola, The Medium, Author, Healer, Medical Intuitive, Channel

“Working with Audrye was an absolute pleasure!  She is one of the most open-hearted psychics and spiritual consultants I have met.  Her energy is gracious, warm and very insightful.  Her work as an intuitive healer is equally powerful.  Having done several sessions with Audrye, I highly recommend her services to anyone open to higher guidance.”

Mario Arbore, Arbore Architectural Design PLLC Extraordinary Cat “Condo”/ Towers for the Home or Other Environment

“Audrye Arbe is what I refer to as a MYSTIQUE.  There is a certain aura about her that radiates when you are in her presence.  She has the body and faceof eternal youth — a walking testimony to her healthy and spirituallifestyle.  She is able to command a room with the uncanny mix of peacefulexplosive energy. And, I have witnessed her healing powers, leaving therecipient transformed from the energy exchange. All of these qualities addto Audrye’s ‘mystiqueness’.  I often joke with her and say I believe shetransports herself physically just by sheer will.  That’s the true essenceof Audrye….believing and be living.

“I recommend everyone to experience the ‘mystique of Audrye’ whether through her art, her book, or her consultations.  You truly will feel enlightened.

Christine Alexander, Owner, Curator, Music Art Love Gallery, Dania Beach, FL Creator, Zen Faire Sundays, Wallflower Gallery, Miami, FL Artist, Mom
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