Paintings are acrylic with gemstones or mixed media. Unless otherwise specified, all Paintings are on museum-wrapped canvas, plus painted on all the edges, making framing unnecessary. If you choose to frame, be sure to use a framer who knows how to museum-frame this work in order to preserve the beauty and delicacy of the work.

Paintings are arranged more-or-less in size order, alphabetically in their category. Galleries based on the Book in which the art is found are also included.

The letter “P” is placed in front of each numbered piece of art to distinguish these Painting works from the Lokta collections.

Whatever order these works appear in, you can seek the piece you choose by putting the name of the art in the search bar. On the website, the paintings’ numbering will be placed after the name of the work. Galleries from art in THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood, “Big Mama Gallery”, WHAT IF? YOU ARE AND LIFE IS MIRACULOUS!, “What If? Miraculous!” or any other of my other
books are in their own Galleries, as that art is both from the Lokta and the Paintings Galleries. Shipping arrangements can be made. When originals have been sold, Prints and Giclees can be ordered. Prints and Giclees can be ordered in any case. A Giclee is a print on canvas, such that the work looks like a painting. I embellish each Giclee, meaning I “overpaint” some of it, so each piece is its own Giclee original, plus is more valuable.

All Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart can be viewed from any angle and is designed for that. All works enhance the viewer’s vibration plus beautify any space. People find themselves relaxing, even in the midst of these brilliant hues. These works can be used as a healing adjunct. I am a mystic intuitive; the works are imbued with spiritual, cosmic and Earth energy, compatible and beneficial for anyone.

Yes, I take commissions! Call me at 1.888.757.3223 or 1.888.75 PEACE, as well as 561.717.9965.


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