Did you know that more people are afraid of public speaking than of dying?  A surprise? So I learned at Toastmasters’ Toast of Las Olas Club, where I was once Vice President of Education.  We all benefit from ease in communication in our personal, professional, spiritual, global lives.

Whether via my former award-winning local NYC TV show or BlogTalkRadio show, my currentwww.YouTube.com/AudryeNow, seminars, classes or speaking to hundreds and more, I love to enlighten, awaken, learn, share, teach, and evolve.  How may I brighten your day?

Speaking Topics

Sexuality, Sensuality, Spirituality

Renewal, Regeneration, Rejoicing

Clear the Past

Create Great Relationships

Forgive, Appreciate, Dance

Youth at Any Age

Past Life Regression/Future Life Progression

Transform Your Energy Body

Relationships: When to Stay or When to Go

Soul Speaking or Ego Expressing

The Divine Feminine: How We All Benefit

Women’s Empowerment

Being a Great Mom

Living Well on Much or Little

Healing Oneself

Releasing the Past

Kangen Water and Your Health

Eternal Wellness via Raw Vegan Food

I can speak on most any women’s topics, health and wellness, energetic frequencies, veganism, creativity, healing racism and sexism, more

So much more

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