Summer Solstice!

Today is the Summer Solstice! Start of the Summer, Sign of Cancer, Moon Goddess, Cosmic Nurturer, Mother of All.  Wherever you have the sign Cancer in your astrological chart, you can either crave and/or give nurturing, food, support, emotion, family, connection to the Earth and Cosmos, gardens, children.  The higher vibration of Cancer is truly the Cosmic you’ll go for nutritious food also.  You may even clean up after yourSself, something many Cancerians prefer someone else do.  Home, however you conceive of it, will be where your heart is.  When you open to Soul Essence Self ( ), you know everywhere is home, everyone is family, you are an aspect of the Whole, thereby automatically holy.

Transits Today

    So, what is happening today?  Mercury and Mars are aligned, floating between 25 and 23 degrees Cancer, opposing Pluto at 22 Capricorn, and will be so for a couple of days.  Watch how you speak!  Curb your expression of anger, should such desire to pop out of you, and find a healthful way of expression, without rationalizing why you are right and can simply emote.  I know what a challenge that can seemingly be, as I am a born Cancerian, in both Western and Vedic astrology, Sun at 24 degrees 55 minutes Cancer.  

    Good for writing, transformation, shifting.  Look where you may find a tug between your ego and someone else either appearing to control or dominate you, or, perhaps, instead, giving you a wider approach to transformation.  Go beyond thinking mind and go for the bigger picture of transformation of your consciousness.

     With North Node traipsing through Cancer, currently at 17 degrees, we are all getting the opportunity to see how we are nurturing ourSselves, the Earth, our organizations, government.  We have South Node in Capricorn, 17 degrees, giving us an opportunity to see the dark side of what’s happening with corporations, organizations, governments, control, and who or what is going to seek to stay stuck rather than MORPH into something higher.  

    Jupiter and Neptune square ongoingly till pretty much the end of July, when the planets go out of orb, though you may still feel this confusion throughout September.  Both planets are in their rulership signs, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pluto, both mutable, which is easier than fixed signs.  Confusion, lies, overdoing, huge expectations that may be dashed.  So, put expedients in place.  Yes, trust the Universe, and, you may like to have your backup ready, so you have a Plan A and B.  Also remember that sometimes an occurrence may appear negative yet in third-dimension and deeper reality, it’s all good.  We are MORPHing into higher dimensional being, frequencies and energies, and this configuration can certainly support us getting and being [email protected]!

Live the Light!!!

     Enjoy your Solstice!  Celebrate Summer!  The Light is here, blatantly visible with the longest days of the year.  We know the Light is always present, even in the dimmer days of Winter, yet now we get the chance to live in, bask, play, celebrate it, others and yourSself.  Where do you nurture yourSself?  Where do you, instead, judge, think you have to do something that might be stultifying rather than embracing of your heart-soul?  Notice, and make the shift.  MORPH!!!!!  This is truly a Goddess-given opportunity.  

     Negative aspects of Cancer?  Whiny, kvetchy, insecure, overeats, clingy, clutterbug, hover mother, fearful, overly shy, overprotective to Sself and others, afraid to be so seeks protection and gives away personal power, hoard.  Do you have or do any of this?  Clean out that closet, dresser, refrigerator, cabinet.  Start with one shelf, go on from there.  Paper piling up?  File, copy onto your laptop, recycle, give to someone who can use it.  You will feel and be lighter and freer, breathe easier.  Get a plant! 

      Embrace the Divine Feminine in everything.  Pay attention to where this shows up in the world, yourSself, everything.  If you have ever really looked at a dried pear, or halved a pear, see what part of the body it resembles.  Yes, Nature/God/Goddess/Allah/Great Spirit/Wakantanka/Osun/Oludumare/Shekinah truly has a sense of humor.  Laugh!  Enjoy the journey!  Cancerians generally have fabulous senses of humor, especially after emerging from the shell-like protection needed by so many, and allowing Light to shine forth. 

Create Your Own Interdependence

    July 4th is peeking around the bend.  Watch Cancerian enjoy the fireworks, jumping up and down like a child.  Everyone, be cognizant of people with PTSD, and use your fireworks with discretion.  Go to an area set aside for this glorious spectacle of beauty, exuberance, celebration, whether or not you prefer who is in the government.  Do you want a change?  Be the change, and take appropriate actions to facilitate the shift.  Go for whatever is highest and best for the planet.  This translates into being better for you.  

    When you really understand and grok it, you will know there is no absolute independence, as everything is interconnected.  Instead, celebrate interdependence.  This holds for the cells in your body, the people in your life, your connection to the Earth and your habits-behavior-actions-thoughts, your connection to your past-present-future-Genetic Karmic Patterning.  Yes, all this can be cleared, also!  Energy healing does that.  (, or call me at 1.888.757.3223, see if there’s a Special going on.)

    These are only a few of what is opening today.  Have a blessed and blissed one!