Eclipses! July 2 at 10 Degrees Cancer, July 16 at 16 Degrees Capricorn

We have two eclipses in July, all opportunities for mammoth shift and changes, often times abrupt, though your and others’ desires and intentions may have been simmering for quite a while.

    Let’s take a brief look at what’s happening. 

July 2nd Eclipse at 10 Degrees Cancer

    The first July 2019 Eclipse is at 10 degrees Cancer on July 2nd.  If you know your natal astrological chart, look for where you have any planets that are affected by the Sign Cancer within, at most, three degrees of 10 Cancer.  It is here that you will most feel the Eclipse.  The Earth and Moon are aligned, also with the Sun of the United States.  This is a super good time for this country to get in touch with its nurturing caring aspect, in attunement with the Earth, plants, food, the air and all the elements.  This is a time to watch what you eat, nurture yourSself and others.  See where this is missing.

    If you or anyone you know has any dis-ease with the breasts, ovaries, female reproductive system – or flipwise, the male reproductive system – see where you have been ignoring your needs, making yourSself less than, throwing yourSself to the curb. Breathe!!! Stop harming yourSself!  You deserve, are entitled, are of the Light.  We all are, even those of us who act like rampaging discordant egos because of having forgotten their true origin.  Embrace your God/dess Sself.  This is way beyond ego, which is self-aggrandizing, out of control.  Reconnect to your heart, soul, SOURCE/ Goddess!

Mercury Aligned with Mars in Early Leo

    July 2nd also brings a new alignment with Mercury and Mars in very early Leo.  Have a brilliant idea, a brainstorm?  Put it into action!  Want to yell at someone?  Don’t!  Or, conversely, do The Protective Prayer, go to a wall, and get that junque out of your system, without harming anyone.  And thou shalt harm none. Then speak to that person with the truth of your heart and soul.  Leo.  Be appropriately expressive, magnanimous.  You will unlikely feel like sitting around, doing nothing.  This can be a very activating aspect, especially in Leo.  

     This aspect is also conjunct the Sun of the U.S.  Sooooo, we may see fighting, yelling, loud noise, boisterousness, upheaval, or, if we are particularly lucky, an awareness of the heart of this country opening and sharing of our largesse.  Perhaps something positive for Dreamers, migrants, citizens, our natural resources, protecting our environment.  All is possible.

July 16th Eclipse at 24 Capricorn

   Now, on July 16th, we have the Sun opposite the Moon, with the Eclipse at 16 Capricorn.  For me personally, this is opposite my Sun, as my birthday is 7/17.  Both Eclipses are affecting my chart, and I am ecstatic about it because certain shifts I have been MORPHing toward can truly happen, either this month or over the course of this year.  One involves my moving into my own home, having my books go global and viral (, all now in ebookstores also), and, yes, a life partner showing up, even though the Shiny Light Beings told me in my NDE that, should I choose to live and birth my daughter, I would do it alone.  So I have.  I have asked that this karma be shifted.  I stood up to Them before, as glorious and loving as They are, and I am doing it again, with as much Divine Goddess Grace as I can manage.  Okay, also some kick-a.. components, too.

Continuation of Neptune-Jupiter Square

      Neptune and Jupiter are squaring, as are Mars and Uranus.  On the negative side, we can have explosions, fighting, anger galore, confusion, lies, inadvertent and purposeful hiding the truth, and the like.  Be aware of this in you.  I certainly have to pay attention, as that Square of Neptune and Jupiter also squares my Moon, all in my Solar Return. Will I have to clear emotions, patterns, old ways, yes!  An easy year ahead for me?  Not necessarily, though a transformative one with much shift and MORPHing.  For me, the end result is well worth it, as releasing the outworn is good.  For me, the Mars-Uranus square has good aspects to my Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter, so as we rock and roll nationally, I shall be taking steps to move forward.  You do the same.  Stay centered!  If you have yet to take MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S-Soul Essence Self and s-ego personality self,, now is a perfect opportunity to do so.