MORPH Magic Course Is Evergreen!

Thank you all the MORPH Members who completed your MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S-Soul Essence Self and s-ego personality self, 6-Week Course on June 18th!!!!!!   You have now received your beautiful Certificate of Completion, wonderfully designed by my Techie Guy Don Cole.  If you’d like to reach Don, let me know.

Thank You, MORPH Members!

    Thank you for all the MORPHing you have done, including and especially in the midst of whatever came up for you.  Yes, those of you who let me know what challenges showed up for you, when you continued the Course, when you paused, when you asked for support – that’s why the BONUS for Readings Fees – and how you looked forward to your Daily Audio as your inner connection and renewal time.

    MORPHing is a gift, available to you and everyone.  The Course is evergreen.  Anyone can take it any time.  Though other healers have suggested that I charge some thousands of dollars for MORPH, I am keeping the Fee to $399, with three payment possibilities.  MORPH Magic is the foundation Course, the gateway, for all my future online Courses.

MORPH Into Stupendous Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality (SSSS)!

   Ready up for MORPH Into Stupendous Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality, Superseding Past Whatnots.  We are preparing registration links for you.  Let me know what you want in this Course.  What would have you sign up immediately?

    I am writing it now, including much healing of whatnots, and plenty of beauty, processes, exercises, ease, Light, fun.  With MORPH SSSS, you continue MORPHing into a new dimension with this aspect of your life, including any of you who had seemingly thrown this piece of your life into the freezer.  You may keep it there or reawaken to new joy, encompassing Stupendous Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality, perhaps in ways you had never before experienced or imagined.  We shall keep the Pre-Launch Special Fee to $92, the Special Launch Fee during the first run of SSSS to $122, then, the Fee goes to $399.  For those of you who choose both Courses and have not yet taken MORPH Magic, we will have a unique fee that honors both you and everyone else who takes this Course, and all the MORPH Members.

    Everyone wins!  Win-Win-Win-Win!   This is how I roll and dance, and this is what you get.  Thank you very much!