32:  Time to Have My Own House

The Universe can have a very interesting way of letting me know when I have to make a change.  Once, the apartment in which I was living was being sold, so I had to move.  I had wanted to do so, yet had gotten “comfortable,” meaning lethargic about taking steps.  In my current place, the agent and owner acted illegally and spoke disrespectfully to me.  So, yes, though I would love to be able to ignore all this, I dislike being bullied, and, definitely, am standing up for mySself.

Releasing and Recycling Papers

    Now I am in the process of getting rid of what has to go. This includes papers.  Yuck!  Only that which represents me goes into my new house.  Thank you, Virginia Sandlin, and ProtoSource.  Impeccabilize your environment! Where and how I shall manifest my new dwelling is in the works with mySself, SOURCE, NACA, and friends.  Whenever before I got my old place clean, neat and attractive, the new place showed up!   So you know, my place is pretty, neat, clean and attractive, just too many papers, other unnecessary stuff. 

     I need s p a c e.  I am an artist, need a large studio to paint big canvases, a gallery to display my work.  I create and present seminars, workshops, playshops.  I am mostly raw vegan; it’s time to teach food prep.  A consumer of organic foods, I need to grow my own veggies, fruit, maybe even nuts.  I am a writer, and need space to compose.  I love to dance, require ample room to do this.  When I think, sometimes I walk back and forth, back and forth, with a New Yorker’s pace.  I also meditate, raise my frequency, invite others – YOU! – in.  I require peace. Did I mention I have six small grandchildren? That I love kitty cats and have been without my own for a while?  S P A C E is needed!

    Living in a multicultural multiracial aware environment is what I love.  Finding a spacious house at an appropriate price is the key.  Because in Western astrology, I have Mercury and Jupiter conjunct on the fourth house cusp, I am blessed with amazing information and luck in homes.  Now, I am calling on this. 

Tikkun Olam

    Though I have been working in one way, form or another since I am a teen, evolving and learning who and what I am – MORPHing! – now more financial abundance is required.  Making a worldwide contribution is what has always driven me, making this world better, is innate in me.  I am born with this.  I had not known about Tikkun olam, or repairing the world, connected with human responsibility for fixing what is wrong with the world that keeps the world out of alignment with Higher Power, and acting with loving kindness.  

     I know some people say the world is unfolding exacting as it is meant to, and we just need to allow this unfoldment.  I feel we people have a part to play in our world’s evolution, that we are not mere spectators, here to watch the show.  Although, some of us may be.  Sometimes, we all are.  Also, we are absolutely participants, by our very energy, awareness, vibration, frequency, actions, inactions, intentions.  

    Before knowing about it, I practiced tikkun olam daily.  Whoever you are, whatever you are born, be and do this.  Be kind.  Repair what you can within you and your life.  All spiritual paths have a version of this.  Tikkun olam, social activism and justice, kindness, plus contemplative action, is Judaic, from the Mishnah, a body of classical rabbinic teachings compiled in the 3rd Century, and other wisdom writings.  

Do You Know of a Good House for Me?

     Tikkun olam refers also to people being required to take positive actions to restore balance to the world and our species, due to the many imbalances that we and/or negative energies have brought forth.  I have always been Guided to create the world I choose to live in, for my highest good, the highest good of all concerned, the highest good of the UNIVERSE.  This is the same thing.

    Moving forward into my receiving my home and all that is needed for me to have it, I am open to suggestions.  I am now a Floridian in the Fort Lauderdale area.  I like this area!  Who or what do you know?  I have my NACA Sponsor appointment in Miami in June, so we shall see what transpires.  NACA is the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.  If you know anyone with a large home who is selling at a reasonable or giveaway price, and willing to make an arrangement, please contact me.  AudryeNow.com 1.888.757.3223 927.494.0628