31:  Goddess, Creatrix of the Universe, Thank YOU!

Oh, Blessed One, in all your Beauty and Finery, you sprinkle the night sky with diamond sparkles of stars, glowing fire balls of Light and Heat.  From your Grace, all life comes.  We celebrate you everywhere everywhen in all names, guises, appearances, textures, fragrances.  We call on you when we are in pain, upset.  We ask your mercy, compassion. Let me call you by your name:  GODDESS ETERNAL INCARNATE EPHEMERAL EVER-EXISTING GOSSAMER TENSILE STRONG.

     When we have done something we regret we ask your forgiveness, pardon. To have freedom to learn and continue on.  Your Grace to arise continually fresh and new, even as we ripen and abound.

     Goddess, Divine Feminine, Mother, Sister, Daughter Grandmother, Aunt, Cousin, Girl-Friend, I know you have often seemingly been ignored even mistreated, insulted, debased.  Even the name of my species, often called “mankind,” does not have your name.  We also honor the God aspect of SOURCE, yet, Goddess, Divine Feminine, your LIGHT, LOVE, PEACE is so needed in all of my species and on my beautiful planet now.

     I call on You-O-Sacred One, Ma-at, Shekinah, Quan Yin, Osun, Miriam, Shakti, Corn Woman, Green Tara now, daily, nightly, in my dreams, in my wakefulness.  I call on You to fill me with your Wonder, Brilliance, Strength, Tenderness, Courage that endures beyond anything.  In any pain I have experienced, from within myself and from my surface, I call on You.  I ask that You fill me and all of us here on Earth with your ever-arching Wisdom, Resilience, Beauty, Fecundity, ability to bring forth the zygote.  Not make an imitation, copy, fake.  I ask for the Birth and Thrive-al of Awareness, Consciousness, Continuity. Many here on Earth are feeling one form or another of this, speaking it. Sharing, dancing, painting, singing, bringing You forth.

     We are in your raiment of many colors, tapestries, cloths, music, foods, trees, plants.  Be with us.  Sustain us.  Support us.  Be with us as we correct centuries, eons, time beyond measure of askew-ness, and MORPH our atoms, iotas, stem cells, mitochondria, telomeres, chakras, brains, bodies, emotions, psyches, lives, Genetic Karmic Patterning, all that we are into heightened vibration frequency rhythm, twinklings.

     Thank you for Your being, Your beauty, Your softness, Your gentleness, Your strength, Your passion, Your zeal, Your protection, Your compassion, your Patience, Your persistence, Your eternality, Your ordinariness, Your spectacularity. Thank you for YOUR GLORY and the BLESSING OF LIFE and LIVITY. Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.