28:  May 2nd, Day of Prayer & Remembrance of the Holocaust: Never Again

Born in Brooklyn in July 1942 to first-generation Americans, I was a tiny mite when WWII started.  I remember my mom’s and dad’s upset over this horror. At some point, my sister was born, my mom was pregnant with my brother. I remember while my mom was pregnant was pregnant, my dad’s uniform, my mom’s loneliness.  I’ll Be Seeing You, sung by the incomparable Billie Holiday, was the song of the day, my mom’s favorite.  My mom would cry when she heard it on the radio, as would I.  I still do.

    So you know, I identify as Cosmic because I am. I don’t fit into any box, circle, spiral. Nonetheless, I am born Jewish, and I celebrate in my own way, making everything universal, holidays that call to me from Judaism and anywhere else.  I know about the Holocaust because my extended family, especially on my father’s side, talked about it constantly, including who may be coming over to us from Europe.  “Us” means those of us who lived in Brooklyn in my grandfather and grandmother’s building.  Many of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and my family had apartments in those two attached buildings.  To this day, I have no idea if my grandparents owned.  Insofar as I know, we rented, though, truly, I don’t know.

    I saw the LIFE magazine article and cover discussing piles of bones from Jewish people who had been tortured, put in concentration camps, burned in ovens, gassed, sexually assaulted, systematically starved and killed, treated worse than anything I could have possibly imagined by the Nazis. This was part of the Holocaust.  Yes, it was real.  It is still happening.  In this day, it’s occurring with Jews, Muslims, black-brown-beige folks, gays, transgender, women, any peoples who are brutalized, made to seem less than, marginalized, hurt.  Anyone who I feel and know has a Nazi mentality, and there is a slew of them around, I know is dangerous, out of kilter, dis-eased.  We have some of these kinds of people shooting up synagogues, mosques, churches, targeting whomever these destructive people select.  

    Me, I am a healer – The Transformation Catalyst, Diversity Expert, check out AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ — with friends of all mixtures and backgrounds.  I choose people via their hearts, consciousnessesAudryeNow.com/MORPH/ and souls.  Complexion, background, country of origin are aspects that add flavor, texture, interest that, yes, I relish and love.  My clients are a beautiful mixed group of people who I am honored to be involved with. My daughter is biracial.  Her in-laws, truthfully, can be a challenge for me to deal with, as their politics, ideas, attitudes, and who they vote for have been so different from my own.  This situation is yet another initiation that SOURCE is having me graduate from so that I am truly centered in the midst of whatever, which I was told years ago by SOURCE I would have to be, then teach.  I am there, now, tweaking and fine-tuning those aspects of myself that benefit from it.

   So, Thursday, May 2d, is National Day of Prayer and Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Please take this time to pray for yourself and all of our species and the Earth, everywhere, everywhen, that we all grow, MORPH, into our souls on Earth.  Remember those before, now and after who have died in the name of freedom.  Allow yourself to be at one with those who may worship differently than you, wear different clothing than you, or, as Dr. Maya Angelou put it, eat different food, dance different dances than you do.  Even those I called Nazis are human.  Allow all of us to evolve.  In this Day of Remembrance, yes, you can cry – please do! – get this pain out of you, from wherever it comes.  This is a time of healing, awareness, shifting.  If not us, then who?  If not now, when?  Now is the time.  Thank you for and from any and all of us who are MORPHing into our higher selves.