29:  First of Ramadan Begins Sundown, Sunday May 5th 

Do you celebrate Ramadan? Sunday, May 5th, sundown, is the First of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.   Ramadan, a month-long period of fasting for Muslims, celebrates and “commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad,” according to Google.  This is an annual observance and is considered to be one of the Five Pillars of Islam.   

   Ramadan runs from May 5th to Jun 4th.  Fasting occurs from dawn to sunset.  There can be a pre-dawn meal, the “suhur.” The sunset meal breaks the fast, and is called the “iftar.”  Increased prayer and charity are aspects of Ramadan.  The morning prayer is performed at dawn.  Insofar as I know, even drinking water is forbidden from dawn to dusk. 

   The Prophet Mohammed reportedly said, “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed, and the devils are chained.”  Whatever your beliefs may be, let us all take this time as a time of prayer, awareness, positive eating and nutrition, and giving-and-receiving.  For someone to give, another has to receive.  Allow this in your own life. Whether or not you believe in a heaven, hell, devils, angels, use this time to evolve!  Yes, AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ officially begins May 8th.  Register early to get the Super Special Launch Fee. I did not know about the dates of Ramadan when I created the timing for MORPH.

   Muslims follow a lunar calendar, so Ramadan arrives several days earlier each year.  The Hebrew calendar is a lunisolar calendar, with the months based on lunar months, the years on solar years.  

    One of my dearest friends in NYC, who I’d once thought was Hindu, I discovered at 9/11, was Muslim.  To my utmost astonishment and upset, he told me that some people he had always thought were friends were suddenly avoiding him.  This man and his wife, both Muslims, are some of the best people I know, who I am so pleased to call friend.  He is a highly spiritual, evolved person.  Perfect?  No.  Neither am I. Are you? The human definition of perfection is static and simply does not exist on the third dimension because where can anyone go from there?  Only down. 

    During Ramadan, I am going to go to my first mosque.  It is actually embarrassing that I have not gone into a mosque to worship.  Would I be allowed in?  I think so.  I have friends here in Florida who are Muslim, so I will go with them.  

   What about you?  What can you do and be to know more about this ancient religion?  To anyone who says that there are aspects of the Quran that are inimical to peace, I ask whether you have read all of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments?  There are aspects in these I find abhorrent.  For this reason, yes, I am Cosmic, connecting to SOURCE, and as best I can, listening to the Guidance I am given.  I am finally at the level where, pretty much, I actually obey, something I once avoided.  Listening and doing what Divine Guidance shows me is the best way to live a fabulous life.  We all get this when we are highly attuned.  No religion owns this. It is only ego that can think so.  By the way, there is absolute beauty, truth and wisdom in any true path.