30:  MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love Course, S-Soul Essence Self and s-ego personality self

We all benefit from MORPHing!  You, too!  Are you truly living from your Soul Essence Self all the time?  Are you also living from your ego personality self?  How much of either or both?  Do you even know what connecting with your Soul Essence Self feels like?  Many do not. 

     MORPHing is sliding, gliding, evolving, shifting, transforming, with ease and grace, into your higher aspects while also living on the Earth.  It is our next step in evolution.  Some call it ascending while alive.  Do this Course as it’s designed – which means at minimum listening to the daily 30-minute Audios and doing what they say as you listen — and you are guaranteed to be at a higher-level vibration than when you started by the Course’s completion. Yes, you can also watch the two weekly videos, read the enrichment material, follow the many suggestions available to you. It’s up to you.  Once the Course is over, you own it, and can do everything at your own pace. 

    This is my first online Course.  Because I truly desire to live in a beautiful peaceful amazing world with people vibing at this high frequency, and me, too, I am offering MORPH Magic at superb fees. Snatch up the Super Special Prelaunch fee of $92 before May 8th, when MORPH debuts.  At that time, the fee goes to $122, still a great opportunity.  When this first run of the Course completes, June 19th, the fee goes to $399.  Actually, this is also a wonderful fee, as other healers have suggested that I charge $2,000-$3,000 for MORPH.  Naturally, you get BONUS Perks, including a special MORPH fee for Private Sessions with me from when you register till the end of the course.  My regular fee is $250 an hour.  When you register for MORPH, you will pay $175 an hour till your Course completes. 

    Answers to FAQs:  You can be an adept at metaphysical and spiritual practice of you be a newbie without any experience or belief.  You simply have to allow yourself to be open and LISTEN TO THE DIFFERENT 30-MINUTE DAILY AUDIOS AND DO WHAT THEY SAY AS YOU LISTEN.  Yes, you can do more.  Plenty of opportunities are given for that.  Yes, you may have Private Sessions with me.  Issues may show up for you to clear and be free of.  Though I teach you how to do this, you will definitely also benefit from a Private Session with me.  Yes, I do Sessions in person and on the phone.  I have clients globally.  

   Action to Take:  Go to AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ .  Read it!  Register immediately following the linkGet your Username and Password.  Go to the MORPH section on AudryeNow.com, and get your FREE BREATHING ATTUNEMENT!  Be an aspect of the 10,000 people operating at LOVE PEACE LIGHT, and creating the Turning Point on this planet, making this vibration more available to all. 

    Thank you for joining us!