25:  Honesty or Flubbing Around? National Honesty Day, April 30th 

Do you consider yourself to be an honest person? What does this actually mean?  Do you always tell the truth?  Do you even know what the truth is in every circumstance?  Are you involved in preserving your ego, how you’ll look to someone else, and/or what others will think of you? 

    A good friend once told a couple of people that I had a big mouth.  Did I like this?  No, actually, I didn’t.  What she meant was that I spoke up and told the truth, which, actually, not everyone wants to hear, even when this truth is told in a gentle manner.  Am I always gentle? No.  Occasionally, I will simply say what I feel needs to be said in the best way I can in whatever the circumstances are.  Did I say anything to this friend when she said what she said in the manner she said it?  No.  It wasn’t the correct circumstance and could have let to an emotional brouhaha.  When the time and environment are correct, I will address it. Meanwhile, I cleared myself of the feelings I had when she said this, as I love her; she is a super great friend. 

    There are people, in their zeal to be “nice” and a people pleaser, who rarely say what they really mean, or who, as they begin the journey of speaking their truth, say the words in too brusque a manner.  I, too, am smoothing out my manner.

    Clients have called me after a reading to thank me for what was said in out session.  Yes, at times, clients acknowledge that they were not ready to hear what was said because, were they to actually take in what was imparted, that client would then have to deal in the moment with what is going on in her or his life.  In a session, with the Energy of the Guides infusing me, the truth as it is given to me to speak comes out in a gracious, loving, supportive manner.  Nonetheless, say we are discussing a relationship, health, or the next step in a person’s life, there are times when the recipient simply wants to hear yes, yes, yes.  That is not always the answer.  Sometimes, the answer involves taking a look at the person’s inner landscape to tweak a belief system, way of being, or emotional matrix.  Though clients may innately sense this, often they may need to ready up.  I am there to support this, and let them know how they are going to benefit from taking care of whatever needs to be done.

    I was really glad when that particular client called to thank and honor me some time after our session, as I had earlier told someone in my life something that person may not have wanted to hear, yet, I felt, if I held back, that particular friend could be taking steps that would have harmed her.  When I love someone, I want them to have the best of me.  I have learned that sometimes people just want to stay mired in their junque.  Am I a good person to speak with about allowing someone to be mired in that?  No, I am not.  Soooo, as lovingly as I can manage, I tell them what I see.  Being a clairvoyant, I definitely do see, usually more than the person asking me for my opinion.  I have learned to say what I see – I am not going to lie – and leave the situation and person to handle it.  This is not always easy for me, at all.  I desire to get a situation to its next level of consciousness.  This involves readiness on the part of the querent.  Clients consult me for the wisdom and love that come forth from and through me.  Friends and family, sometimes simply want me to agree with them, which I am unable to always do. Can I be loving?  Yes.  Will I lie or subvert the truth?  No. 

     Soooo, do I espouse honesty?  Yes, indeed I do.  I support being honest with tact, love, kindness and Higher Power Guidance.  I, too, am MORPHing to the point where all these qualities infuse my manner of delivering information all the time.  With clients, this is already present.  Now, I am MORPHing to have these qualities ever present with others.