24:  Gratitude for Being!  MORPH!  GeneKeys!  

Tonight is the First Seder Night in Passover, Good Friday, also the Pink Full Moon.  Whoever you are, whatever is going on, whatever path you follow or don’t, in this very moment as you are reading this, pause…… and say-feel APPRECIATION GRATITUDE for your life, being alive, this GORGEOUS planet, your consciousness!!!!!!  

     You are magnificent, maybe having little or no idea of how fabulous you actually are, the reason you incarnated, who you are.  I am one to celebrate the greatness of being.  I refrain from celebrating violence or ignorance.  Does this mean I have no temper?  No!  I have had to deal with my own sometimes emotional quick-to-anger persona, with my Cancerian Sun, Aries Ascendant.  If I can do it, and I do, so can you.  For the most part, I am centered, which is so amazing, with LOVE PEACE LIGHT my go-to place.

    You are greater than you know.  Too many people live from their truncated egos rather than from their souls. Do you?  Would you truly love to live from your soul?  Have a magnificent life with amazing people?  In essence, though this may be different from what is usually discussed, this is what the essence of Passover and Easter are about.  The celebration of FREEDOM, LIGHT, LOVE, PEACE, AWARENESS!  You are here to be this within yourself and in your life. 

     This is why I am offering you the opportunity to take MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S-Soul EsseneSelf and s-ego personality self Course at a giveaway Launch Fee of $92 up till and including May 7th.  Lift your frequency!!!!! Guaranteed! The only required part is to listen to the 30-minute daily Audio and do what is asked of you while you listen.  You are guided throughout.  Videos support you.  Written material enriches you.  I am here for you.  Private sessions have a Special Fee for you. Sign up now below while you pay only $92.  Put this link in your browser or click on it, and check out MORPH!!!!


   More goodies for you! A fabulous friend and peer, Hamsa, has given me and many of us a wonderful way to learn about who I am, who you are.  Take advantage of this and check this out! Share what you learned, what resonates with you, what surprised you, where you can grow and evolve.  This is the time for it!


   Thank you and MANY BLESSINGS!!!!!