26: Dancing!!!!! International Dance Day Apr 30th

Do you like to dance?  How often do you get up and dance around your home, lawn (if you are blessed to have one) the beach, snow, dance floor, wherever?  Do you have rhythm?

   I adore dancing!  Am I any good at learning steps?  Not particularly, in my opinion.  All these line dances, many of which, like the Wobble, Electric Slide, and others, I have the rhythm, energy, verve, yet do I have all the correct steps in proper order.  Nyyhyy.  Yet I have my own way of doing them.  When the day dawns that I do the Electric Slide exactly correctly, I shall jump up with a major hallelujah!  

     Dancing is a way to express your joy at being a conscious sentient being attuned with the rhythm of the universe.  I am super at doing this!  I shall always be and have this.  Whether or not you have awakened this within yourself. I urge you to get up and move!  Not moving ages one.

     Find ways to dance.  While sitting, close your eyes, FEEL the music and rhythm, sway your body, move within and allow this movement to awaken your body.  Then, get up and move.  Take lessons.  

     To me, some people have more of an innate rhythm and ability to move than others.  This, to me, is obvious.  That’s okay!  I can automatically spell more correctly than many who have to study to get words right.  This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t write.  Get spell check or a good editor to correct the massacring of the language.  It is usually more important to get the ideas out in a way that communicates these thoughts to another.  I digress.   Back to dancing.

    When I was younger, I had no idea that I had rhythm.  It took my meeting people of another background than mine to see what having rhythm looked and felt like.  Then, somehow, I MORPHed into having my own.  I could get up and DANCE!  I have been dancing ever since!

    Now that I go to my Sunrise, FL, Monday 10 am 24-Hour Fitness Zumba class with the amazing Jessica, I am learning new, mainly Latin, steps.  Do I know them all?  Nooooo.  Do I get up and do them anyway.  Yesssssss.  Shall I get them at some point?  Yes, absolutely.  I have the rhythm, the energy, the will, the desire, the ability.  Per chance, if I don’t learn everything in their correct order, I will still get the benefit, as I shall keep moving in rhythm and glee.  Now, I more-or-less easily get through the full hour!  Soon, I will be able to do strength and weight training afterward. 

     I know some people who know plenty of line dance steps, way better than I do.  What they have in way smaller amount is the energy, the juice, the verve, the oomph, when they dance.  They seem to be okay with this, as it’s how they move, so it’s all good.  We all have our strong points. 

    However you manage it, please get up and dance!  Find what music and rhythm call to you, and answer. Move!  Dancing is our way of being in tune with the rhythms of the universe, our bodies, our hearts, the pulse of the planets.  Dancing keeps us young, eternal, alive!