23: No A/C in Florida, Thermostat Says 82 Degrees

A week ago, I began to feel somewhat dizzy and weak in my apartment.  Why, I wondered.  I’m healthy and fine, felt great after yoga class at gym.  After meandering about, I took a look at my thermostat, which said 82 degrees, way too hot!  I put it on cool.  After about 30 minutes, enough time to cool down, nothing.  Such began my current journey with having my rental agent, who is the president of the condo in which I live and lives on the floor below me, get me a new A/C from the owner, who I have never met, nor whose actual name do I know. 

    I am grateful to the rental agent as he allowed me to rent this apartment, even though someone else had seen it before me.  He and his wife knew me because I had lived for years in another apartment in this building. They considered me to be a good tenant because I paid my rent on time, kept a clean place, was quiet, and even helped grow plants outside.  Of course, I am also from NYC, and I expect good service for my money.

      Briefly put, I do not know who the actual owner is of my apartment.  I pay my rent directly to a bank account with a weird LLC name.  The owner had also opted to refrain from having service insurance on this place. The agent said the owner, sometimes referred to as a he, sometimes as a she, lives in France.  I know there is some address in Aventura, near Miami.

Perfect Iguana Weather!

     I went to change the filter on the A/C, ransacked my place, and couldn’t find my new filters.  I called my friend Nelly Marcano, realtor extraordinaire, Amazing Properties for You, Inc., to ask where to buy new ones, as her husband, Danny, owner of A/C4U, is the building A/C repair go-to person, both of them well known to the agent.  Long story short, she purchased them for me – I paid her – and brought them to me, before we knew the unit was kaput.  We both called up the agent, who lives downstairs in my building.  She texted him a picture of the thermostat at 82 degrees, so I had a professional person testifying that what I was saying was true.  

     The agent told me to have A/C4U air conditioner expert Danny look at my A/C, and he would do whatever this expert said.  Bottom line, Danny came over later, told me he had to get to the roof, as there was nothing wrong with my A/C in my apartment.  After Danny got to the roof on Monday, he said the A/C condenser was leaking and other problems, that the unit was kaput and needed to be replaced. Danny submitted a proposal to the agent. It’s now Friday, a week later, and the agent has carefully refused to answer my various calls.

   Yes, I consulted my Legal Shield attorney, who did get to speak with the agent.  I had previously written up a note detailing everything that was going on and emailed it to Legal Shield, even before I knew which attorney was assigned to my case.  When Attorney Nir called me, he was sufficiently well versed to know what to ask.  He was able to reach the agent, who told him that I didn’t need a new air conditioner, as his (the agent’s) thermostat said 78 degrees and this was fine.  Of course, mine said 80-83.  Danny had already told me to turn off the A/C, as it wasn’t doing anything.  Do I need to reiterate that it’s too hot in here?  I both live and work at home.  

Even the birds are resting.

    One of my friends, the amazing Pat Biles, president of her Clubhouse, lent me her little fan, which I take with me from room to room.  The overhead fan in my Boudoir is ever on, though, let’s face it, this is not where my laptop is, and I don’t like to work sitting up in bed with my laptop on the spread.  I need my desk and a chair, where I am now, usually with Pat’s little fan cooling me off.  Early in the morning, before sunrise, it’s cooler in here.  The thermostat still says 82 degrees.

    I also consulted the property manager, and put his suggestions into gear.  There is still more to do.   He gave me permission to use his office or the Clubhouse to do my work.  I shall take him up on that.  I am in process of calling my clients to let them know about and have them register into my first online course, MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S-Soul Essence Self and s-ego personality self.  AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ This is important to me and, yes, to them, also.  You, too, check it out!

    I have been advised to hold my rent, which I would have done anyway.  I need one more year here to get myself into position to buy a home.  I am using NACA, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, to facilitate this.  I shall use the money held from my rent to put into my House Savings Fund.  So, yes, I need to sign another lease, as well as have the owner buy a new A/C.  

     Meanwhile, I am moving slower than usual, with my normally crisp thinking somewhat dulled.  Twice I fell asleep in the late afternoon, as the heat must have affected me.  I am a truly healthy person, though I am moving in relatively slow motion.  I already feel a little light-headed.  I can tell the difference between my place and anywhere else that is air conditioned the moment I enter the place with A/C.  

    This is April.  I am in South Florida.  What do the owner and agent think is going to happen in May, June, July, when temperatures soar here? It is illegal for me to be without an A/C.   I have to stay centered anyway, as this is who I am, what I teach, what I need.  Part of me is wondering if this process is part of how the Universe, SOURCE, is having me save for my new place.  We shall see how this situation plays out.  It is now 7:05 am.  I am already a bit light-headed, with one more Blog to write. I am fine, though, and will continue so.  Yes, I am giving thanks for this situation, without yet knowing the blessings inherent in it.  Bless us all !!!!!