22: Yummy Organic Raw Kale Chips Recipe

I love to eat!  I also like snacking!  A little something here, a little something there.  I prefer to keep my food healthful and delicious.  As a mostly raw vegan, how to do that?   

     Some years ago, I discovered raw kale chips when my good friend Ed Lieb asked me to make some.  Before that, I had never heard of such a thing.  He bought the ingredients, I made the food.  They came out good!

     Since then, I make Organic Raw Kale Chips with some frequency, often changing the Recipe, depending on what I have around the Bistro, my friend, realtor extraordinaire, Amazing Properties For You, Inc., Nelly Marcano’s name for my kitchen.

     What’s needed is a dehydrator.  I recommend the Excalibur with nine shelves.  Also, a Vitamix.  You know I am going to recommend an SD501 or K8 Enagic Kangen Alkalinizer water purifier. I wash everything in 11.5 strong alkaline Kangen water to wash off pesticides, including organics.  In case you didn’t know, even organic produce can be sprayed.  To me, there is no “healthy” pesticide okay for people, so I soak everything.  

    Be sure to love your food.  Be appreciative and filled with gratitude that you have this food, so prepare everything with a smile in your heart.  Sometimes I sing or sort of dance around.  I get into a rhythm and zone, focused on the task at hand. Wear something that can get messed up.  I have to as I tend to wipe my hands on whatever I’m wearing, though I’ve gotten better at using dish towels, which I keep hanging at my sink and covered stove, which I use as a shelf.  Also, I often have to sweep or wash the floor afterward, in case stuff falls, which it can. 


Ingredients – all raw organic as much as possible

Kale bunch, with stems

Carrot tops (optional), I had carrots, so I used the green tops

Parsley stems and/or leaves, cut up (optional)

Cilantro, stems and/or leaves, cut up (optional)

Turmeric, the actual root, about two or three pieces, cut up to soak

Ginger, the actual root, about two inches, cut up to soak

Garlic, several large cloves, purple because its large cloves are easier to      clean, not organic, sorry to say, cut up to soak, remove outer covering

Onion, small sweet one, cut or sliced for soaking, remove outer skin

Hot pepper, a tiny piece, this time Scotch Bonnet

Hemp oil, Nutiva organic, about ¾ cup or a bit less or more, depending on how much you are going to make

Nutritional yeast (optional), organic, though raw may be doubtful, depending on how yeast was made, perhaps ¼ cup or so, depending on your taste

Salt, pink Himalayan, several swishes, to taste

Badia, Sazon’ Tropical (orange), not organic or raw, sadly

Garam masala, organic, several swishes, depending on taste

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, several swishes, depending on taste


  1. Assemble ingredients, and soak everything soakable in 11.5 strong alkaline Kangen Water.  Gently tear kale from hard stem before soaking, then soak it.  Soak stems separately. Drain kale leaves, stem, carrot tops, parsley and/or cilantro.  I soak onion, garlic, turmeric, hot pepper together.
  2. Put the kale leaves in a large bowl or container with room to easily mix everything up without making a mess
  3. In Vitamix, put all the other ingredients, except nutritional yeast
  4. Start slow in Vitamix, building up to fastest, using the tamper to be sure everything is mixed.
  5. Taste the green mixture.  If good, you are ready.  I like some spiciness, and I have a feel for food.  Adjust if needed.  Mine is usually good.
  6. Pour some of the green mixture in a jar to save for use as Salad Dressing
  7. Add nutritional yeast to Vitamix, and mix it all up
  8. Pour over kale, mixing everything very well.  If you need more green mixture, use some of what you placed in the jar.
  9. Spread kale on Exalibur shelves.  I usually need three or four for one bunch of kale
  10. Dehydrate at 105-110 degrees, so enzymes stay alive
  11. After a couple of hours, rotate shelves
  12. When kale has started to dehydrate and that sheet can be peeled off, put kale on direct perforated sheets, so tops and bottoms of kale dehydrate
  13. Depending on how crispy you like your chips, dehydrate over night.
  14. Do your best not to eat too many of the chips as they are dehydrating.  Mine come out absolutely delicious, and, yes, I eat them as they are dehydrating, once they have been turned onto perforated sheets
  15. When done, put in covered container.  I use them as snacks, for after gym workouts, in the evening, when I want to “pick” at something.  Yes, I know they’ve been prepared in oil.  Nutiva organic hemp oil is really good for us. 
  16. Enjoy!!!!!! Once you get the hang of how to make this, experiment!  Your friends will want to eat these chips every time you make them, some of them practically slavering over them.  You will, too.