21: Kimchee-Sauerkraut Probiotic Fermented Concoction

      My wondrous friend Angie Rainbow G is both the permacultureyogi@gmail.com, plus an EcoGoddess Medicine Woman, with whom I have taught and studied, while Dr. Brenda Cobb, brenda@livingfoodsinstitute.com, is the Founder/President of The Living Foods Institute, where I received my Living Foods Lifestyle 10-Day Program Certificate of Completion.  I have ever made up Recipes.

    By now, most people know we need to eat some healthful form of fermented foods to have healthy stomachs and digestion.  Following is a blend of Angie and Brenda’s recipes, plus my additions.  I make my own Kimchee-Sauerkraut differently each time.

    In preparation, I always soak all my ingredients, whether organic or “conventional,” in 11.5 strong Kangen Water to wash off pesticides. Use as much organic ingredients as possible.  Even the soil in which the food is grown can be different.  Organic produce is more nutritious than “conventional,” some of which may be missing key minerals, vitamins and other necessities for you. Nothing that I know of can change GMO foods, so stay away from them.  Have a few large jars with tops for bottling your yummy food. I needed four or five.


Ingredients, raw organic as much as possible

Half a head of cabbage or small whole cabbage

Sweet onion, largish

Fresh organic turmeric, a few nice-sized orange pieces

Hunk of ginger, at least two inches

Several cloves of garlic, say, nine

Piece of hot pepper, whether scotch bonnet, habanera, or other kind

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider, large bottle 

Kangen Water, 9.5 pH, or the best water you have

Several carrots (optional)

Tomato, 1 or 2

Corn, cut it off the cobb, be sure is not GMO (optional)

Bell pepper, orange, yellow, red, your choice

Cilantro, bunch (optional)

Parsley, bunch (optional)

Celery, several stalks

Oregano, several leaves, if fresh, or a few shakes 

Badia, Sazon’ Tropical (orange)

Cucumber, small (optional)

Juniper berries, organic, in jar (I have not gotten it raw) 

Salt, pink Himalayan

Garam masala (optional)

Limes or lemons, couple of them

Organic raw blue agave (optional)


  1. Soak everything separately in 11.6 strong alkaline Kangen Water
  2. Cut up cabbage in small pieces
  3. Cut up everything in small pieces. Depending on what I have at hand, depends on which veggies go into this Kimchee-Sauerkraut.  Using mainly cabbage can make Recipe less expensive and easier to prepare.  Always have your turmeric, onion, garlic, ginger, hot pepper, juniper berries 
  4. If you had not yet done it, soak veggies in 11.5 strong alkaline Kangen water either before or after cutting up.  I usually do each vegetable separately, with ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion all together
  5. Mix all the veggies and lemon or lime together in large bowl or other container
  6. Use generous sprinkling of Badia Sazon’ Tropical if you like spiciness, less of you prefer your food mild.  Mix it up
  7. Add Himalayan and garam masala.  Mix it up.
  8. Taste.  If sufficiently spicy, this part is complete.  If too bland, add more Badia Sazon’ Tropical, or garlic, turmeric, ginger, hot pepper
  9. Pour Bragg’s organic raw apple cider vinegar about half full in each jar.  Shake in a couple of time juniper berries.  A swirl or two if you like of agave.
  10. Put as many veggies as you can in each jar.  Push veggies down into the liquid without overflowing jar.  Leave room at the top for fermentation to occur.  Be sure liquid is over the top of veggies. The veggies will expand. 
  11. Cover jar. 
  12. Put in window for five days.  You may put a cloth or some recycled paper towels under the bottoms of the jars for any spillage. 
  13. Make agreement with yourself that you will open on fifth day, rather than peeking in and slurping every day. 
  14. Gently shake or move up and down daily.  No quick shaking.  This stuff is fermenting!  
  15. On fifth day, open and taste.  Yummm!  
  16. Refrigerate.  Eat a couple of small forkfuls daily.  I do it in the morning.  You can vary this Recipe every time you make it.  Be creative.  Enjoy!!!!!  This will last a long time.  Of course, in my home, I eat some daily.  You can also put it as a taste in your daily dinner. 

When you prepare this, please let me know how it came out.  All responses would go on AudryeNow.com, Comments to Audrye.  Thank you!!!!