20: Yoga and Zumba at 24-Hour Fitness!

Do you do yoga?  Zumba?  Exercise?  I first did yoga when I was in my 20s.  I have been a yoga practitioner on and off since then.  When I discovered my local 24-Hour Fitness, my current gym, offered yoga classes in the mornings, which is when I go.  

    When I took my first class with Pamela, [email protected], 917.853.7855, I had to do the corpse pose several times to get through the one-hour class, a commentary on both myself and her class.  My favorite teacher, Pamela gives a thorough class with soft breathing and stretching at the beginning, and various twists, bends and other not-quite-contortions throughout.  These classes have had me get stronger and more flexible, some of the benefits of yoga.  Yes, I get through an entire class now, though doing the most advanced aspects of the postures are often a bit beyond my reach.  I considered myself an intermediate practitioner, though Pam may have another opinion.

    Zumba is new to me.  I love to dance!  So, the idea of blending dancing with exercise appealed greatly to me.  I did my first real Zumba class last week with the amazing Jessica, [email protected], 954.242.5644, where I discovered that Zumba is done to a mega-Latin beat!  I barely got through the first half hour, never mind knowing the steps.  So, I made some up, and had a great time.  Yes, I finished the class, my skin glowing with moisture.

     This week, it was easier, as I had my exercise gloves with me to hold the 2-pound weights that I hadn’t known would be part of the process.  I love this!  Do I yet know all the steps?  No!  Will I?  Hopefully.  Do I have rhythm and energy?  Yes, for sure.  When I get accommodated to this great class, I will know new dance steps to incorporate into the rest of my life, always a good thing.  As well, I may be able to go into the weights room and do “exercise” after Zumba. 

    I am so happy to be doing Zumba Monday mornings and yoga Friday mornings.  Wednesday, I use the machines.  My Morning Walk is every day.

     Whoever you are, wherever you may be with exercise, please find yourself a good gym, yoga studio, or exercise place, and start.  Wherever you start, you will progress.  Exercise can be so much fun!  Great people. too!  Yes, it takes intention, attention, time, effort, and a smile.  The results include enhanced health, flexibility, strength, energy, bounce, ease, centeredness.  

     Bring something healthful to eat afterward, as you and your body will require it.  Also, always have your healthful water during and after your sessions, for me Enagic Kangen Water, www.7241840KangenDemo.com, as your body requires hydration.  

    No one has to get “old” and molder away.  We can all keep our MORPHing version of verve, health, beauty, energy, sexiness, openness.  See you at the gym?

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