19: My Experience With Intermittent Fasting

When my brilliant, kind and generous friend Linda Sue Covey told me that intermittent fasting could grow my stem cells, according to thehealingmiracle.com/grow-stem-cells-with-fasting/, I decided to check it out.  

     The gist of the intermittent fasting was that I would eat for an eight-hour period and fast for 16, including sleeping time.  Though I was unsure I could do this, opening and awaking my stem cell activation points was and is important to me as I had been doing energetic processes to open these points to aid in healing my teeth, gums and bone.  I selected 9 am to 5 pm,  a stretch for me as I like start the day with my celery-wheatgrass juice (or protein mixture drink) followed with my yummy homemade probiotic fermented Kimchee-Sauerkraut Concoction, based on Recipes from both my friends and teachers, [email protected] Angie Rainbow G and Living Foods Institute Founder Dr Brenda Cobb, [email protected], with my own tweaks.

    The first day I attempted this, I didn’t even get to 9 am.  I ate before then, maybe at 7 am.  Could I stop eating at 3 pm?  Not that day!

     I prepared myself, then I started with intent in earnest.  I did this for two or three days, and felt great!  So I took a couple days pause, then did intermittent fasting for almost two weeks, feeling wonderful.  


     My tummy got flatter, which I loved! Then, kaboom!  I noticed wrinkles in areas I had never had any.  My biceps!  My face had lines that had never been there before.  I had absolutely no use for this and felt horrified!  I immediately stopped intermittent fasting and began eating as I had been before. Yes, my abs got rounder. They had not gotten firmer, just flatter. The softness on my abs and the vertical lines on my face didn’t disappear, YET!

     I did more research on intermittent fasting, including speaking with some of the trainers at my gym, where I learned that losing fat can also involve losing muscle! Imagine my surprise! They said that building muscle on muscle is harder and takes a longer time. I like the exercise I already do.  Do I want to do more?  Not at this time.

     As a mostly raw organic vegan, I eat more healthfully than most, though certainly not perfect, and I had not increased my protein intake.  Actually, I had been eating less protein than usual as I was out of my Nutiva Hemp protein powder.  

     My takeaway is that if I choose to do intermittent fasting, I have to eat about three times the amount of protein as I had been.  Sooooo, when I again have a full supply of Nutiva Hemp protein powder, I may consider intermittent fasting.  Otherwise, for me, no.  I do recommend it for feeling great!  I felt wonderful.  I still feel good and continue to do so without the intermittent fasting.  Yes, for a few days afterward, I definitely did have a bit of a food feast.  Now, I’m more balanced again.