18: How Balanced Is Your Life?

What kind of balance do you have in your life with your spiritual, work, play, rest, financial, home, family, friends, education, exercise, retreat, repose aspects?  Do you ignore any of this?  Feel you simply don’t have time?  Money?

     Many of us live busy dashing-about lives.  We have to do this, that, and the other thing.  Can’t miss this event, person, show, what-have-you.  Have to be #1 in whatever.  Is this you?  Anyone you know? 

    I come from NYC, where there’s something, many somethings, to do every minute 24/7.  No one can do it all.  So, one picks and chooses.  Sometimes there’s the fun of flitting about, taking care of this and that, while other times it’s quiet time to renew, reflect, reorient, regenerate.

    What do you do?  Do you meditate?  Do Breathing Attunements?  Pray in a positive manner?  Give thanks?  Fill with Divine Light, by whatever name you may call this?  Do you love yourself?  How about your work?  Do you work?  Have you “found” yourself? Do you play? What is play to you?  How do you relax?  What is your relationship with money?  What do you think and feel about your family?  Do you have a family? What about friends?  Is your family one of bond rather than blood?  Do you exercise?  What?  How often?  Do you love your home?  Do you have a home?  Is your home safe, lovely, healthful?  Do you have a significant other?  Are you solo?  How do you feel about that?  How is your intimate life?  How do your create this? Where are you emotionally?  What is your emotional intelligence factor?  Your consciousness level?

     This is a lot to look at, feel and mull over.  Take your time.  Many people spend their lives rushing about without journeying inside themselves to feel, sense, intuit, know if they are actually on a path of their own choosing or whether they’re chasing after someone else’s dream.  I propose you simply feel your way through these questions or any others that may pop up for you.

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