17: Fecal Matter Possibility in Farm Water?

When a visitor told me there was fecal matter in the water used for organically grown food, my curly hair practically stood on end.  What a quandary this would be!.  Many of us know there has been gross water contamination for “conventional” crops, causing e. coli and other poisoning and deaths to some.

   But, organic produce?  I Googled this to find out.  While Google is not the ultimate end-all-and-be-all answer, it generally has sufficient information on which to base an opinion.  According to my research, there is no fecal matter in the water used for organic farming.  Water is tested with some regularity, as is the soil, seed and methods of farming.  Whew!  

      Nonetheless, I use my 11.5 strong alkaline Kangen Water to wash off pesticides.  The 2.5 strong acidic Kangen Water kills bacteria.  Should I be using this first on all my produce, followed by the 11.5 soaking?  Yech.  I dread having to go through all this, plus putting acidic water on my yummy food is contrary to what I prefer because humans, certainly this human – hu-wo-man – need alkaline foods to be healthy.

     Wellness is important to me.  I take care of my health as best I can. Do I always have the finances to buy all the supplements I prefer?  Sometimes I have to use those finances for other purposes.  I do eat at restaurants, and, occasionally, at salad bars.  At home, I am pretty much, though not exclusively, organic.  This stuff is expensive!  I have never figured out why “conventional” food that has been contaminated at the source, grown in depleted soil, doused with chemical fertilizers, sprays, and other poison, is cheaper than food that has simply been grown in clean fertile soil.  I know. I know.  More people are still eating “conventional,” the old saw about supply and demand.  Btw, this is shifting. 

      I have been vegetarian for over 45 years, mostly raw vegan for about 11, organic for a good part of this time.  I look at most people who have been on the Earth for the same amount of time that I have, and I will continue my path.  

    The 45th president has loosened the water and other farming safeguards put in place by President Obama, with, in my opinion, little care for all the people who may get sick and die.  Yes, the added cost to farmers to comply with safe water standards is challenging.  People dying is more financially expensive, plus a draconian result.  The answer?  To me, it’s obvious.  Require and shift into everything being grown organically, from seed, to soil, to water, to where the crops are grown.  Don’t place the field next to livestock or streams that can polluted by, in a word, poop.  

     As well, harvest this poop, purify it properly and ecologically, then use it as organic fertilizer.  There must be a way.  Years ago, Barry Commoner in his landmark book, The Closing Circle, proposed this with humans by having what would be called composting toilets.  We have yet to adopt this as a national practice.  We would have richer soil in conventional farms, rather than the nutrient-poor contaminated stuff that masquerades as soil we now often have.

     Your health is up to you.  Stop relying on people who do not have your well-being at heart.  Refrain from trusting anyone who is a habitual liar, cheat and egomaniac.  Do the research yourself, and buy accordingly.  Food, food, air are health essentials.  They are, or should be, free!  Pay attention to how and what you eat, breathe, wash yourself with and in.