“Very” or “Meh” 

Trod the moderate road, live life to the hilt, feel every nuance of every moment, sleep-walk through life?  How do you experience being alive?  Some of us are “very” people, while others of us are more “meh.”  Some of us consider beige and grey to be the height and intensity of color, while others adorn themSselves in fuchsia and gold.  Some of us walk, others run, skip, dance, jump, fly.  Some of us are quiet, others are noisy.  Is there only one way to be?  No.  Are there times when silence is golden?  Yes. Are there times to speak up and say what needs to be said?  Yes.  Will you/I/we always do this perfectly?  No.  Can we correct it?  Yes. 

    When you, or anyone, have become so inured to failure, you may cease attempting.  You may wonder how to get anything done.  You may ponder if you will ever achieve.  You may feel discouraged, with a “what’s the use” attitude.  Then, along may come a “very” person, filled with oomph and “get-up-and-go,” eager to get into the stuff of life, from whom you may soak up inspiration.

     Rather than be stuck in “meh,” allow yourself to fill with energy and heal your internal discouragement, taking that “very,” and putting it to good use. Are you instant in your responses?  More considered?  Slow?  All can work.  Each has a place.  You can be any and all of this for different purposes.

     The U.S. is going through a crisis of consciousness and conscience-ness.  Where is our personal and national consciousness?  Our ethics?  What is the national climate on education, ecology, energy?  Are guns and munitions more important than education and peace?  To me, education and peace!  For others, not necessarily so.  I feel if we ensure that all Americans have education, nutrition, wellness, opportunities, we all prosper.  America can then export these qualities and attributes, rather than participate in so many wars.  

     People globally prefer healing to wars.  Life to death.  When we live from peace within ourSselves, we automatically export peace.  With this modality, which includes establishing a Department of Peace in the Cabinet, the U.S. would go a long way towards stopping the “terroristic” attitudes and behavior towards us, and us towards others both within and outside of our borders. 

Beloved Life by Audrye

     What most people anywhere desire — independent of religion, sex, spirituality, complexion, size, gender, and anything else – is a life consisting of love, work that’s conducive to who they are, a happy family, growth and development in all areas, plus a good standard of living.  When we lack this decent life, when the possibility of a good life has been taken from us, when some have much and refuse to allow anyone else to have anything, a breeding ground for rage, fear, depression, rebellion ensues, which can shift into what may appear to be terrorism.

     When anyone in a position to make appropriate decisions that could benefit everyone chooses, instead, to benefit the few who already have much, this decision creates negativity rather than positivity.  It is time for us to use wisdom, heart, compassion, brilliance, vision!  We have to MORPH beyond manipulative thinking and acting.  This means everyone.  No one is immune.  If anyone in power is deficient, ask why that person or group is in power.  Who put them there?  Are you doing anything about this? How can you enhance what’s good and remove what’s harmful?

    I say this a lot because it’s true.  What are you doing about yourSself?  For real, what are you doing?  Who are you being?  I am deeply involved in my own evolution.  I definitely make mistakes and fix them.  I write books, create workshops, paint transformational art, have private and group sessions with people, am bringing forth my first online course, part of my legacy, MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S=Soul Essence Love and s-ego personality love.  Sign up! AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ 

     Refuse to be “meh”!  Be alive!  Be present!  Let go of stuckness, blame, shame, embarrassment, all a waste of your time, energy, life.  Be “very”!  Take your place in the genius that is you.  MORPH will facilitate this, guaranteed.