Flourishing or Floundering?

Whatever life any of us are living, we can get so used to it that change can feel exceedingly disruptive.  Whether a personal, business or global event catalyzes what you may feel as trauma, no one can thrive if we stay in the crisis mode.

    How to deal — and heal — after, say, being married for many years, and the mate leaves, either via divorce or death?  To do this, various abilities have to be cultivated.

     Resilience is a necessity on the Earth now.  We have global warming, Earth and climate changes, political upheavals.  Glaciers are melting at unprecedented rates, raising the level of the oceans, causing flooding and other disasters.  Some people in positions of political power deny what is in front of us and has been scientifically proven.  Financial cataclysms have many people homeless, while other people have more money than the GNP of various nations.  Huge amounts of people are evolving or MORPHing, (AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ ), while others sit, stew, and refuse to grow.

     When you, say, are confronted with a crisis, first acknowledge what is going on within yourSself.  Are you scared?  Angry?  Resentful?  What?  Refrain from going into denial, and permit yourSself to feel what’s going on inside.  Give yourSself a “moment” to “fold.”  This is okay.  To live in this internal collapse, however, is a no-no.

     If meditation is new to you, learn it.  If Breathing Attunements are new, learn some.  If tapping or EFT is new, learn it.  Take care of yourSself, even when you may want to hide under the covers and cave into the horrors of whatever is happening. Remember to LOVE YOURSsELF!  If this is a novel idea, learn.  Loving oneSself is an ongoing and increasing experience throughout life. (Go to AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ .)

    Turn to those you love.  Get support and comfort. For a moment, even commiseration.  Refrain from permanently devolving into blame, victimhood, powerlessness.  Feel and express these emotions and ideas for a relative moment if this is exactly how you feel, and do it under the umbrella of THE PROTECTIVE PRAYER.  Cry!  

Protective Prayer

     Get your feelings out.  Give them a voice.  Write them out.  Act them out in your own home, not on the global stage.  If your internal dialog is talking trash, its métier, stop listening.  Consult a wise person in your life or see a heart-centered, energy-work counselor.  Refrain from choosing to go it alone.  This is not the time for any kind of stiff upper-lip.  A strong person knows when to open to vulnerability, from whence you can evolve.  This is strength and power.

     Look at what your resources are.  If, say, you are experiencing a divorce or death, and you were dependent on this person for financial, emotional, family support, check into what your finances are.  Are you in debt?  Is there money saved?  Do you have investments?  Do you know how to negotiate this terrain?  If you have financial resources, learn how to use them wisely.  See a legitimate, ethical consultant.  Do not go to just anyone.  You can easily be taken advantage of in your tender state.  

   If, on the other hand, you discover you have zilch financial resources, do you know how your finances were being handled while you were with this person?  If you were married, go to court and get some kind of support, whether temporary or permanent.  If you are of age, do you receive Social Security?  If you have, for whatever reason, none of this, what are you capable of doing that can earn money?  Everyone has something.  If you had never worked for money before, now is a good time to start.  Is there a private or public program that can supply some finances or training to you?  Post on social media.  Ask around.  Get support.

    Be sure you are taking care of your emotional needs.  There is always some way to do anything.  Yes, sometimes the way can be experienced as incredibly challenging, a pain in the ass-ets, annoying.  How does your consciousness operate? Your consciousness and your emotional intelligence can decree how you perceive your situation.  What is annoying and terrifying to one person can be perceived as an exciting bump in the road to another.  Another reason, resilience is a must.

    What is your connection with your inner core, the aspect of SOURCE within?  Do you live solely from ego?  If the latter, now is the perfect time to get in touch with your Inner Self.  If this concept is alien to you, allow yourSself to open to possibility.

     Can you live with family?  Can a relative or friend move in with you in while you are in delicate mode?  Can you take your first job?  Sometimes people take any decent work they can, even if they are “over” or “under” qualified, perhaps totally new to the field or working outside the home.  

     Will you be confronted upfront with sexism, racism, ageism, genderism, culture-ism, what-have-you?  Is this new to you?   This can give you an understanding, compassion, and passion about what others have been experiencing, creating incredible consciousness openings that may lead you to new ways of relating to yourSself and others.  If you have dealt with these and/or other “isms,” congregate with others who can be supportive to change this situation.  Sometimes, having fortitude as well as resilience are called for.

    Whatever life crisis may be happening, know that you can and will succeed.  Though succumbing may be a momentary factor, with proper internal and external resilience, learning, support, time, you will create a life you enjoy.