Double 7’s on 7/17

I am so loving that I get to celebrate double 7’s on 7/17.  The numbers enchant me! 

How do you celebrate your being?  What do you do, be, express daily, hourly, that honors you and your life?

Are you sometimes a toxic dump of whining and complaints?  What about a rage-a-holic?  Are you living in Regret-ville?

Any of us can visit, inhabit or express these paradigms.  Sinking ourselves and indulging in these lower vibrations is like bathing in dirty water.  Yes, it’s water, yay, but the dirt contaminates us, and, sometimes, can kill us.

Who are you?  What are your unique qualities, which may seem normal and non-noteworthy to you because these qualities are so natural to you.  Yet, other people may laud you for these abilities.  Know what these gifts are!  Discover them!  Develop them!  Enjoy them!

So long as these gifts, even idiosyncrasies benefit people and planet, check them out, and cherish them. We are not Borg, we are individuals.  Give thanks for this!

Internal and external evolution is lifelong.  However much you may have grown from wherever you were, there is always more 

    This is the GOOD NEWS!

You are capable of being beyond what you can imagine.  Me, too.  I, also, am MORPHing.  I am using various techniques to support my getting there.  Check out MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S=Soul Essence Self and s=ego personality self.  We are adding options to MORPH Magic. By the time you read this, the options may be in place.

Can you begin to feel, vision, imagine (image within), sense, who you can be when you manifest all the gifts with which you have been bequeathed? What about if others are like this, too?  What if even one percent of people are this?  Wow!!!!! 

We can and are being, doing, becoming this!  I start with me.  You start with you.  We support one another.  That is what is happening now as your read this!