Three “Secrets” of Eternal-izing

First off, there are really no secrets about eternal-izing.  There are truth possibilities available for all of us.  Anyone can have them, live them, be them.  We are meant to.  Following are three “secret” tips.

     I’m giving three rather than many so you can embrace and live them easily.  Too many can seem overwhelming, possibly set up internal resistance, or stop you from starting.

    ONE: Love yourSself — your S=Soul Essence Self and s=ego personality self, plus include your body-mind, while you’re at it.  Practically everyone know this.  These obvious truisms are everywhere these days.

     Are you living it?  Sometimes, I, too, have to catch my internal dialog, talking trash as it sometimes does. I immediately do The Protective Prayer on it to protect the world and myself from these negative, sometimes intensely horrible, words and feelings.

     Loving oneSself – Soul Essence Self and ego personality self – takes some practice.  We have to release ancestral conditioning, even into and beyond our DNA and energy body.  This is not an option.  It’s required.  We have to be honest, aware, persistent, joyful, too. 

     Because I have made headway in this – and am still in the game – I am life-and-SOURCE qualified to teach it.  Yay!  To make this global and have us all live in a loving amazing world, I created MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love for you.  Check out Early registration brings Bonuses.

     For its debut, we have Special Launch prices, which will not be repeated.  MORPH Magic is the foundation course for all the following online courses I’ll be creating.  As soon as you register, I will be sending energy healings to you every morning when I do my Practices.  Plus you’ll get a Special Breathing Attunement.

   TWO, the cardinal guidance of all spiritual paths, in various different ways of phrasingLove the SOURCE of All with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your might.   This also implies that you live this in your life.  This is way beyond saying a bunch of words.  It’s a way of life, being, doing, becoming.

     We are all aspects of SOURCE, all made of SOURCE Stuff, even those of us operating at the level of distorted or dis-eased ego.  Acknowledging a reality is different from succumbing to that actuality or calling our insults.  Calling out insults hurts the energy body of the person expressing it. Part of the purpose of The Protective Prayer is so you can privately express whatever you need to without sending negativity out into the universe.

      Treat the world with honor and respect.  Do you recycle materials?  Compost?  Do you use as little harmful products as possible?  Do you eat real food that nurtures your body-mind, heart and soul? Do you eat plant-based foods solely for a minimum of one day a week?  The planet needs this!  Watch


    THREE, another cardinal practice in spiritual practices:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  When you truly love yourSself, recognizing we are all of SOURCE Stuff, loving others and treating others well becomes easy.  You and your life become easy, certainly easier. 

     When you LIVE these three precepts, old outworn false belief systems, despite how much you may have treasured them, begin to fall away.  You are surrounded and filled with SOURCE / DIVINE Light.  This Light opens you up to energy, both spiritual and physical.  You fill up with and radiate compassion, courage, joy.  

     Does this take daily practice?  Yes, indeed it does.  Does it get easier?  Happily, yes.  You shift.  You MORPH.  You up-level. You become the next vibration of personhood.

    In this way of being and living, eternality reigns.  You become fully present in your moment.  You stop being a cypher who lived on the outskirts of your own life.  You become the field where miracles happen.