Happy Birthday, Sister!

Do you have a sister?  Are you a sister?  Do you relate to anyone as though she – or he, ze, zhe – is your sister?  Ze refers to a woman transitioning into a man, while zhe refers to a man transitioning into a woman.  Actually, I may have to consult my book RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS, Healing Racism, Sexism and Other Isms (RRC) to see how I defined these transitions. Btw, this is a stupendous book honored to be a Kindle #1 International Best-Seller. 

     I am blessed to both be and have a sister.  As firstborn, I was here when she arrived.  Was there ever jealousy, competition, insecurity and other whatnots that showed up in this special relationship?  Yes!  Sometimes.  

      Very important to acknowledge the what’s so.  How do we clean, clear, shift, MORPH what we refuse to see, feel, know?

     Have I cleaned this up?  Pretty much, most of the time.  This cleanup is critical for your evolution.  Is the clearing ongoing?  It can be till you get to the roots within yourSself (Soul Essence Self and ego personality self, see AudryeNow.com/MORPH/), and go beyond. 

      Having a sister can be one of life’s greatest gifts!  You both usually know and have the same parents or whoever brought you up, and, often, you have similar DNA.  Even if one or both of you is adopted or brought forth by different parents, if you were raised together, there is a foundational commonality that holds true and sacred throughout life.  This connection is precious.  Cultivate the good stuff, and leave the “bad,” as you both become adept at handling your own stuff.

    Will you automatically be at the same level of awareness with your sister?  No.  Same frequency?  No.  Same mindset?  No.  Nonetheless, there is that innate, incredibly strong, loving, eternal bond.  If one of you brutalized the other, obviously there is inner work to be done.  We all have inner MORPHing to do.

      Today, as I write, is my sister’s birthday, 3/3.  I was born one year and eight months before her, on 7/17.  She loves when I am seemingly two years “older” than her, not so much when there’s only a year between us.  

      What woman or women are your besties?  Are you all evolving?  Do you share the innermost cores of your beings?  As much as possible, always have a Circle of Sisters with whom you grow, evolve, laugh, share, cry, support, tease, trust, and share the Divine Feminine as well as the insanities and inanities of life.  Women rock!  We are the bringers of the new paradigm.  

     Ladies, our time is now.  We are the ones moving this world forward as we step into, own and live our power.  Women are in the forefront.  Let’s do this wisely, as we MORPH into it. 

     Female power is not about domination, manipulation, shoving, pushing, control, screaming.  Goddess power is internal, then externalized.  We come from our inner cores of peace, love, passion, compassion, courage.  Can we sometimes yell, insist, be seemingly implacable?  Yes!  Sometimes this behavior is exactly what’s needed, though not as often as many may think.

     As all of us of any gender embrace the Divine Feminine within, we become both more vulnerable and open plus more strong and effective.  This balance has been missing in both women, men and intersex people.  Too many men have been sporting toxic masculinity, which, happily, is shifting for many.  Of course, some women are also laggards.  

     Own your inner Goddess!  See Her in your biological sister, all sisters and yourSself.  Yes, I know, some of us are operating from the level of dregs and toxicity.  Bless and surround yourSself with Goddessness.  We all evolve at our own pace.

     Release hatred.  Send compassion instead.  Refrain from allowing someone else’s issues to get in the way of your progress. Rather than being selfish or mean, you are giving each being space to MORPH as they choose.  Of course, if anyone is harming you or impinging on your bliss, you benefit from taking yourSself out of that person’s orbit. Ask the Divine to take care of them, and you, too, of course. Then, keep on truckin’ forward.