That Infernal Internal Dialog

Did you ever want to just shut up that annoying destructive trash-talking voice in your head that puts down, insults, derogates you and everyone and everything else?  This is the internal dialog.  It is NOT divine guidance.

Protective Prayer     Be clear that despite its sometimes insidious, invidious, negative “devil-live” attraction, this is garbage, toxic junk for you and the world.

     You can hit delete when this junk pops up, erase it with Light, say Next, and move on.  If you find yourself engaging with this poison, catch yourself, take responsibility and do THE PROTECTIVE PRAYER. 

  THE PROTECTIVE PRAYER is here for you as one of my Blogs!

     We do need a way to express our anger, frustration, sadness, regret, rage, jealousy, what-have-you, safely, without harming ourselves or anyone else.  Say THE PROTECTIVE PRAYER with meaning and intent in your heart.  

     I do THE PROTECTIVE PRAYER practically daily to protect the world from some of the junk that can rattle around in my head, stuff I would never want to actually do, yet that has to have a voice so it’s not contaminating me or anyone else.

    The voices in my head, as I used to call the internal dialog or ID, sometimes giving them names and personalities, have considerably lessened!  Yes, sometimes this ID just shows up in its negatively seductive way.  If I find myself engaging in it, I immediately do THE PROTECTIVE PRAYER, to protect everyone, including me.  Then finish whatever may require completion, and go on to something more positive.

     Remember, our thoughts, words, feelings, vibration create our reality.  They do!  We are the ones who have to be responsible.  The devil did NOT make you do it.  You did!  Soooo, get conscious.  This is another reason for my first online course, MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, Soul-Essence Self and ego-personality self, targeted for Apr 6th.  Register now!  Get your Bonus Gift!

    Now is the time for self-evolution.  Now is the time of energetic ascension.  If you are reading this, you are ready!  We are living at a miraculous frequency-shifting time!  Thank you very much!