Food Food Food – Nustard Recipe!

I love to eat.  I love to eat delicious, nutritious, healthful food.  Chocolate!  When I was a teen, I was unknowingly addicted to sugar.  I loved cakes, bread, pasta, cookies, all of which metabolized into sugar.  Did I know I was addicted?  No.  No idea at all.  

     When I would eat any of these things, and I found ways to do so, sometimes I felt I couldn’t stop.  I wondered if I was something between neurotic and psychotic.  One of my less proud moments and faux achievements was eating all the icing off a cake.  You can only imagine how I explained that and some of the repercussions. 

     I had become overweight as a teen and my breasts had grown way bigger than my height could handle.  When I was 17, a senior in high school, I had what I consider to be a life-saving operation, breast reduction, possibly one of the first young women to have done so. At the time, I measured 60 ½ inches tall, with a breast circumference of 44 inches.  I am ever grateful and appreciative that my parents allowed this plastic surgery because I felt that surgery allowed me to rejoin the human – hu-wo-man-race again.

     I ate differently. Rather than self-hate, I had self-love.  I was no longer teased, harassed, emotionally “tortured” at school or in the street.  Women walking with their husbands used to glare at me as their men ogled me.  I was a young teen and hated that behavior.  Now, I looked normal, still ample upfront, yet not beyond the beyond.  I took care of myself.

      Don’t wait for your lifesaving operation.  Take care of yourself now.  Allow yourself to be, and live with love for yourself.  That love will grow, and your being and body will reflect it. 

     My mother used to tell me in a derogatory way that most people eat to live, whereas I lived to eat.  She may have been right, as neither of us knew anything about addiction.  Nonetheless, she took me to diet doctors, a big deal at the time.  I was in my teens in the 1950s, when all the psychology known now was not even in the conversation.  Nonetheless, I was put on diet pills, which I took in abundance.  Who knew these prescribed pills were what came to be called ups or amphetamines?  We didn’t.  Suffice it to say, I lost my extra weight, which wasn’t really that much, actually, and began to live more happily.

      I am now one of the healthiest people I know.  I have been vegetarian for over 45 years, mostly raw vegan for over 10.  Get great recipes and wellness information at VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN! Plus Enagic Kangen Water Specialties! (VVVV)  I am a Kangen Alkaline Water enthusiast and distributor as I have seen the benefits to people of Kangen Water.  Watch this 20-minute demo, and call me.

    I was a chocoholic and used to ask my mom what would happen if we ever discovered there was good nutrition in chocolate. Surprise! There is!  Of course, one has to eat chocolate or cacao properly, which, for me, is from raw organic cacao nibs.  I make foods and eat raw organic cacao pretty much daily.  Refrain from contaminating this food gift from the divine by adding white sugar or other harmful ingredient to the mix.

     From VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN!, here’s my gift to you, the Recipe for Nustard. Enjoy!!!!!  Contact me with any questions.

Cacao-Carob Nustard


1 – 1 ½ cups cashews, soaked in 9.5 pH Alkaline Kangen Wataer (or almonds, 

   Brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.  Cashews 

   make a very creamy Nustard.)

6 pitted dates soaked in 2-3 cups of 9.5 pH Alkaline Kangen Water

Several shakes of cinnamon

1 tsp raw organic coconut oil – optional

¾ cup raw organic cacao nibs

¾ cup raw organic carob (can use all cacao, all carob, vary the amounts to 

     your taste)

1 ½ – 2 cups 9.5 pH Alkaline Kangen Water (I recommend using date soak 

     water, or, if you have it, fresh coconut water from out of a jelly coconut.  

     Do not use canned coconut water! Use the best water you have.)

¾ capful almond extract (can also use vanilla, or other extract to your taste)

For Variety:  Can also blend in your own fresh or frozen berries, peach, banana.  Really yummy.  You can add bit of hot pepper, even organic peanut butter.  Get creative.  The basic Recipe is superb.  I usually make a bigger batch.  You can make it thicker and almost fudgy or creamier.  I have also crumbled in my own Raw Organic Flax or Chia Crackers.  I am very inventive with food, creating yummy raw vegan dishes constantly. 


  1. In the Vita-Mix, blend everything till smooth and creamy. 
  2. Place in container with top to store in refrigerator, or put in individual dishes, as either a dessert or as its own meal, garnished and mixed with any combination you like from For Variety.  
  3. Because of the high nut or seed content, this delicious delight is high in protein as well as super-dessert-y.  I eat Nustard as both a meal in itself for Breakfast or any time, and/or as a dessert or snack.
  4. Eat, enjoy, enrich your health!!!!!!!!!!!

For Serving:  Top with raspberries, raisins, strawberries, grapes, banana, blueberries, blackberries and/or sunflower seeds, crumbled walnuts.  Mix.