Abundance as Actuality

I wrote this years ago.  Because it’s still applicable, here it is for you. 

     What is abundance?  There are more ways to experience abundance than there are people on the planet, as each of us has several of our own methods.  Abundance, to me, is having more than enough, be it spiritual, material, emotional, mental or in any other realm.  Where do we start to create this?  First and foremost, we begin with our own relationship with ourselves and the Divine.  We cannot take this for granted and expect our lives to reflect abundance.  Those folks who do, even if they are blessed with windfalls of cash, can find themselves paupers within a short time, as they may be unlearned in ways of management, allowance, entitlement, sharing, tithing, trust, investment, usage, and a host of other areas.

    A good place to create abundance is in health.  What is your well-being quotient?  Are you free of ailments?  If you have any dis-ease in any way, what is it?  What area is it affecting?  What is your relationship with that area, be it physical, emotional or what-have-you?  Do you allow yourself to be truly honest and authentic with yourself?  Are you letting emotional interpretations or constraints from the past influence you in the present, which also means the future?  Most people are, whether knowingly or unknowingly.  We have to be fully conscious of what we may consider to be unconscious.  All of it shows up in one way, form or another in our lives, whether in our body, or our relationships, work, finances, pleasure, or in any other way.  

     Again, referring to areas of dissatisfaction in your health and well-being, what is it?  What does this mean to you? What is in connected to?  When did it start?   What would you rather refrain from knowing, seeing, hearing, perceiving, sensing, intuiting, believing about your self and/or your life?  What are you hiding from?  This is one place to look. The most heinous thing you can think about yourself is what has to be unveiled, so it can breathe in the light and be acknowledged.  Once acknowledged and its effect on you known, you can release it or reintegrate it in a favorable way, and create a new way of being for yourself, a new way of experiencing yourself.   We always have the option of seeing the glass half full or half empty.  We can always take bigger or smaller sips.  We can always fill the glass up.  We can always have it emptied, and either refill it or get another glass.  Unless we are dead, and even then, we have opportunity and possibility for abundance.

      See yourself as abundant now.  List all your talents, gifts, abilities, qualities.  This is part of your abundance.  This is what you have to offer the world and yourself.  Each person has her/his own matrix of abundances, all of us a unique blend.  Though seemingly replaceable in this era of computers and electronics, actually we are irreplaceable and precious.  The strongest feeling and vibration known to our species at this point in our evolution is love.  Yes, love.  It is stronger, more powerful, more effective than any of the other feelings, emotions, vibrations, including hatred, anger, resentment, despair, overwhelm, guilt, sadness, regret, rage, jealousy, despite what mainstream thought may seek to manipulate people into believing, despite what your own experience may seem to be saying.  When a person chooses to heal and transform an out-of-balance situation both within the body or in life, start with love.  Love yourself and love others.  Love being alive.  Start small if need be.  Breathe, and be appreciative that you can.  Love that you are on Earth.   Yes, life can be experienced as a challenge, so just laugh at some of the glitches, as a child does when learning to crawl.  Simply keep at your evolution.  Get yourself a cheering squad, and all of you cheer one another onward, giving loving suggestions when requested.

     Take actions based on love.  Speak from love.  Act from love.  Center yourself in love, and be love in all that you are, do and have.  This transforms.  Love begets truth and authenticity, transparency and connection.  With love present, lies and deceit disappear, as these-less-than-love vibrations and acts are unable to live in the environment of love as lies and deceit are usually the product of fear, manipulation, control, domination or avoidance of domination, justification, blame.   So, to be filled with abundance, start with bringing love and integrity to yourself and the situation.  Integrity creates instant shift.  Speak to the Creator/SOURCE.  Pray positively.  Give gratitude.  State where you are in life, taking full responsibility for your being and your life.  After all, it is your life.  You are the one living it.  Declare your intention, and follow through with appropriate actions to realize your intentions in reality.  Bring in trust, openness and availability.   If we do this, doors of abundance and opportunity open.  Without these qualities, what can be achieved?   Yes, sometimes things take time, though linear time can collapse, with miracles manifesting in the moment.   

    You are abundant.  Know this.  Embrace this.  Live this.  Be generous, and open yourself to receive, share and give.  We are all part of the wheel of life, and we all play all the parts.   Bless you!!!!!