Closeness Circle

     Who are you close to?  As a woman, I have always needed and had close friends.  It’s taken something to find, create, cultivate relationships.  Yes, the cast of characters can change, as can I.

     Yet, without my Ladies, I’d be dead!  They have helped me get through hell, horrors and wonders. 

     Do you have someone in your life or a couple of someones with whom you can share all the whatevers in your life?  Personal, business, spiritual, relationships?  Not gossip!  Not putdowns!  No.  Ways to gain clarity, get insights, information, support.

     Really, get that I am a born mystic intuitive, a psychic.  People come to me for the wisdom and love that pour out of me in a session.

      Does this mean I am always at this level?  I am absolutely MORPHing into this. In my core, I am there. This is why I can bring MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S-Soul Essence Self and s-ego personality self, to you as an online Course.  I live it.  


     Yet, when I couldn’t figure out technical things, and the fabulous woman – or man — I was working with quit, I thought I’d plotz, cave, fold, collapse.  My budget has often been such that I needed free, super economical fees,  barter, and/or payment arrangements.  Is that what I found?  Hmmmm.  Yes and no.  Regarding my MORPH Magic Course, I intended to that certain things be done in November, and here it is, almost the end of February, and so not there yet.  Nonetheless, we debut Apr 6th. 

    I live the Divine Feminine, allowing, attracting, feeling, intuiting, creating.  Sometimes, under The Protective Prayer’s protection, I cry, yell, say stuff unnecessary to repeat here, and get clear again.   The Guidance is simpe: take every step I can as I can.  No pushing.  No forcing.  No fighting.  Allowing and being.

    Understand, if you know astrology, in Western astrology, I am a Cancerian with Aries rising, Moon in Virgo.  I dislike having to wait and wait and wait.  When I know what needs doing, I want it done.  When I am unsure and feeling my way, I usually have the patience to allow what needs to happen to happen so that everything can occur in the best way possible.

    What is required here?  Trust.  Trust in myself, my team, the Universe, the process, everything.  Is this always easy.  No.  Usually, yes, because I meditate, lift my frequency daily, and let go.  This is part of the Divine Feminine in action.  Allowing.  Attracting. Being.  Creating.  Building.  Releasing.  Resilience.  Inside, almost always, I am at peace.  

   Nonetheless, there are times when I feel challenged to live in my body in the midst of what I experience and judge as rampant stupidity and ignorance.  So, thankfully, there are so many people evolving, doing wonderful feats, creating magnificence, that I am ever inspired.  We vibrate harmoniously.  Thank you, everyone!!!!!!!