Dealing with Psychopaths in Office

One of my dear friends suggested that I stop posting anything political on social media.  She had recommended that some of her clients contact me for my clairvoyant skills and gifts.

Raising Race Consciousness

I mulled.  Understand, my last book is RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS, Healing Racism, Sexism and Other Isms (RRC), which hit #1 International Best-Seller on Kindle and stayed on the Kindle Best-Seller category for about two months, thanks to Tami (Tamara) Patzer’s marketing skills and our contacting everyone we knew and blasting this via emails, on social media and people’s responses, and wherever else we could.  

Can I watch people I deem professionally to be sociopathic and psychopathic trash our planet and say nothing?  Oh, no, not me, not at this point in my life’s journey.  Does it take courage for me to speak out?  You bet.  Yes, it does.

Did I “lose” the people my friend recommended call me?  Yes, in the sense they hadn’t contacted me.  Do I care?  Not so much.  Understand, I love doing the work I do. That’s why I do it.  I adore having as many clients as possible.  Also, I love my clients as every one of them is interested in evolving. This makes my day. 

Do I want – need? — clients? Yes! They pay me for the Guidance that comes out of my mouth and the Light Energy that abundantly flows out of my hands, heart, eyes, soul – all of me.

Would I accept these folks who abstained from contacting me as clients?  Yes, of course.  I am open to dealing with anyone who chooses to evolve.  I love my clients.  I am blessed to have some of the most wonderful people on this planet as my clients.  I adore and respect them.  They have courage to take themselves in hand and grow!  This is the real deal on this planet.

That people of all complexions, sexual orientations, cultures come to me is a gift that I feel honored to receive.

When two of my former longtime clients passed away this year, I felt it keenly and cried plenty.  Had they followed all of the Guidance they had been given?  No, they had not.  Would they still be alive if they had?  Likely, yes, though I am not in charge of that.  SOURCE is.  

Does this mean I think I “know it all”? This is so funny that I’m laughing – okay, smirking – as I write this.  Not even close.   Do I always follow the Guidance myself.  More and more…..

The Guidance comes from realms way higher than my ego self.  The Guides are nodding and smiling as I write this.  Btw, they have huge senses of humor.

To my surprise, so far, this blog is having me be “naked” in front of you so you see me as a person, a woman, not just as The Transformation Catalyst, blah blah blah.  This is not to denigrate whatever I’ve managed to create and accomplish, not at all.  It’s to humanize – hu-WO-man-ize – me so you, too, can choose to evolve.  You will notice that I point sexism and the other isms as these travesties show up in our culture, as though such degradation is natural and okay. 

I don’t need to blog to see my words in print.  I have four books for that, two more coming and plenty more.  It’s to help open you up so we all grow, have a great time, and create joyousness.  

So, how do I deal with having a psychopath in a top governmental position?  Acknowledge the level at which this person is operating.  Acknowledge and transform my thoughts, feelings and judgments (!!!!) about him, his clique and other ignorances.  Vision, pray, feel, and intend a very different energy and quality of person in that position.  Sign petitions, donate money-time-energy to create the world I choose to live in.  Take peaceful passionate steps to be what I choose to see and have in the world.  Laugh!!!!  Go out with friends.  Disconnect from the insanity by relaxing and doing something fun and productive.  Stay healthy!

Live the Law of Attraction and Intention.

What are you being, becoming, doing?