Mirror Mirror on the Wall

reflectionsWith so much going on now, focusing on what to write about brought up a barrage of energy.

Health? Peace? Being centered?

Love yourself! I used to leave (have/wage?) such humongous battles with myself because of my body issues and self dislike. Manaya people look at me now and say, “Oh, you’re so little! You don’t have any body issues.”

I laugh inside. While I was growing up, my om aften gold me I was fat , had legs like piano stools, and no one would love me.

Long ago, I made peace with my mom. As a grownup woman who’s now 4’ 10” plus a smidge tall, weighing 90-94 pounds, traipsing around this Earth for 76 ½ + years, I now look at my naked body front and make peace dailhy with my soft tummy, abs and other body parts. Yes, I exercise!

So, Ladies and Gents, love what you have. From there, if you choose and your health requires it, make tweaks. Start with love.

I color my hair – yes, with holistic products – meditate, do Breathing Attunements, pray, send out Love-Light daily, am single, absolutely love myself (my Sself, Soul-Essence Self and ego-personality self), make peace, and laugh daily. Sometimes, for sure, cry.

I somehow expect my cute little body to look as it did some years ago, can feel betrayed that it doesn’t, then laugh, make peace, and thank my body for all it is and does for me, the Essence this body is transporting everywhere. I am blessed beyond rubies that I can easily walk, jump, dance, crouch, and get up. I am healthier than most people less than half my chronological years. You can be, too.

So what do I want to share with you? Make peace with and love yourself. Without that, there’s next to nothing for you in this life.