Awe, Vulnerability, Power

I am a woman who more and more embraces the female modality of power.  The Divine Feminine knows power by being connected to SOURCE, by whatever name you prefer – Goddess, God, Osun, Jesus, Yeshuah, Allah, Oludumare – and lives from the core of peacefulness, centeredness, aliveness within.  We all have this.  

    Is this always easy for me?  No.  I do daily Breathing Attunements, prayer, uplifting, tapping, affirmations, exercise, The Protective Prayer, laughter, emotional release, forgiveness (freedom-ing), just as I breathe daily, moment by moment.

Protective Prayer

    Awe, that feeling and experience of touching the beyond-the-beyond, that gasping or intake of breath and opening of the mouth or eyes of something so magnificent that words pale and fail to capture or communicate the astoundingness of the whatever-it-is.  We can have awe practically daily if we allow ourselves to know life as the miracle it is.  Imagine!  We are conscious sentient beings aware of our sentience.  This alone is a miracle!  Awe-inspiring.  Allow yourself to truly breathe this in and grok it.  Be with this.

    You can open your heart and soul by being near water.  Soak in a tub.  Feel water from your shower cascading over you. Gaze deeply into a lake.  Swim in the ocean or pool. Water holds emotion.  Release what needs releasing in the tub.  Do The Protective Prayer first, so that whatever emotion-attitude-belief you release, is taken into the Earth’s vibration and the Universe as Light and Love.  Allow yourSself to BE.   Fill yourSself with Divine Light.  You are entitled to this.  Learn about Sself at .

    The sound of “awe” is the same as the first syllable of “water,” bringing this commonality into consciousness.  Go to the water.  Beach, shower, bath, pool, fountain, what you drink.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, researcher, scientist, proved that water responds to our vibration, words, intention.  We can shift the quality of the molecules of water by words written on a glass filled with this water.  What can we accomplish with groups of people blessings, praying over, loving our bodies of water, within ourSselves and on the planet?  Plus, actually taking physical steps and cleaning up the water.  Water is life.  Fetuses float in amniotic water.  

     I am a Kangen Water enthusiast and distributor.  I enjoy and vastly appreciate having excellent health, partially propelled by Kangen alkaline water ( – 20 minutes that can change your life.) Depending on who you consult, we learn that we are anywhere between 65-85 percent water, especially in our brains.  When we drink the highest quality water, say, Kangen, plus bless this water, we are putting awesomeness inside ourselves.  Refrain from shrugging this off in disbelief or arrogance.  You can often heal what ails you by changing what you think, eat, drink, feel.  This, alone, is awesome!  

     The idea that power means the ability to dominate and control people and situations is an external, false, outmoded toxic-masculine definition that is rapidly being reimagined and reformulated.  Only those people who are insecure have to boss anyone around. They are at the mercy of their amygdala, flight or fight.  Now we know to also bring in freeze and focus.  We can heighten brain health via neuroplasticity, with meditation, Breathing Attunements, proper nutrition, drinking alkaline water, especially Kangen, tapping.

    When you are in touch with your inner SOURCE, loving yourSself becomes easier, then easy.  Loving others is a natural follow-up.  Everyone?  Hmmph.  I am MORPHing through this, as there are yet people who I find challenging to love when I am in my ego-personality self rather than my Soul-Essence Self.  Do I prefer to be in a full love vibration?  Yes!  So much easier for me to function with anything.  Yes, I would still take appropriate actions, more readily oriented in love.

    As you love yourSself, you more easily open to your vulnerability, allowing yourSself to be seen, known and appreciated.  This is the opening to intimacy and true relationships. You also open to another person’s vulnerability, being the safe place to land for them, as they may be for you.  This adds strength and power to a relationship. 

    This vulnerability is also another opening to power.  Women understand this.  Oxytocin, the “love and nurturing hormone,” is ours.  Men can also access oxytocin.  Want to release oxytocin?  Take in a nice deep breath through your nose, hold it for a moment, then release this breath fully from your mouth as though you are having an orgasm, saying AHHHHHH.  Do this Breathing Attunement a few times.  Smile.  You have just accessed oxytocin!  How uplifted do you feel?  You have also changed the wiring in your brain.  Rather than being in amygdala tumult, you can now be in your heart and soul.