14:  Raw Yummy Kale Chips & Marinade or Kale Salad & Dressing

I create recipes all the time. Often, I don’t write them down.  Most stuff I make differently each time.  There is food that I tend to broadly follow a recipe.  When I really like something, I may write it down afterward so I can do it again.

    Here is something I truly enjoyed.  So you know, every time I make Raw Kale Chips or Kale Salad, I do it differently.  For equipment, you’ll need a Cuisinart, Kangen Alkaline Water (7241840.kangendemo.com or the best you have), Vitamix, Excaliber Dehydrator.  

Ingredients – Use organic ingredients as much as possible!

Kale stems from bunch of kale, green or red

Hemp oil, organic, non GMO, maybe ¼ cup

Bit of organic palm oil, not harvested by children, monkeys or other nasty way, 1-2 Tbs

Olive oil, organic, maybe ½-2/3 cup 

Bay leaves, four or more

Oregano, 3 inches stems and leaves, if fresh, or a couple of pinches

Lime, 1, cut up, peel okay to use if organic and soaked in 11.5 strong alkaline Kangen water (peel has much of the nutrition)

¼ sweet onion

9 cloves garlic

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

Scotch Bonnet pepper, small piece

Kale leaves, rip in small pieces for chips or slice in semi-thin strips for kale salad

OPTIONAL: tomato, apple, raisins, corn, red bell pepper, kirbies


  1. Soak all the vegetables separately in 11.5 Kangen strong alkaline water to wash off pesticides.  Even organic produce has pesticides, so, unless you grew it yourSself and you know the food is truly organic, wash off the pesticides.  Regular water or alkaline water from the store doesn’t do this.  I trust the Kangen machines.  
  2. Gently rip the kale leaves from the stems if you are making Kale Chips, or cut the kale leaves in strips for Salad.  You can also thinly slice some of the stem.  Save most of the stems for the Marinade or Dressing.
  3. Put everything except the kale leaves and optional ingredients in the Vitamix.  Start slow, and bring speed up to fastest.  Process till sauce is smooth and thick.
  4. Taste! Adjust if necessary. I like a little kick to it.
  5. Pour marinade over kale leaves.
  6. Mix well so all the leaves are coated.
  7. Spread leaves and marinade on lined dehydrator trays.
  8. Dehydrate at 105 degrees.  When tops of kale are getting dry, and bottoms can be separated from that lining, put another tray without the lining over the chips and flip bottom tray over, as you hold onto it, so the kale is now on the second, unlined, tray.  I use 105 degrees to be sure the enzymes in the food are still raw, as 110 degrees cooks them.  The nutrition is in the enzymes.  For me, in case there’s some renegade enzyme that can be cooked at less than 110 degrees, I use 105.
  9. Your Kale Chips are done when as crispy as you like them!  
  10. 10.You can store in a couple of larger containers in refrigerator.  I love these.  Kale Chips do not last long in my home, as I munch on them a lot, and my friends love them.
  11. 11.Eat and enjoy!!!!
  12. 12.OPTIONS: If you want to make a Kale Salad instead, use the Kale Marinade as a Dressing.  Cut the kale into smallish strips, and massage them with olive or hemp oil.   You can add cut-up tomatoes, apple, raisins, corn (non-GMO, cut off the cob), red bell pepper, kirbies, other veggies to the raw kale.  Toss.  Then use the Marinade as Kale Dressing.  You have used all parts of the kale! It’s all great! 

    If you make this, please let me know how it came out.  Remember, using different ingredients or other equipment can affect the finished food. I like delicious, healthful, nutritious food.  Even the frozen dessert I eat is organic, vegan.  My favorite from the store is Coconut Bliss, chocolate this or that, not raw.  I also recommend the raw chocolate ice-cream from the Green Wave Café, headed by Raul, on Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.