15:  Honoring the Divine Feminine

March is Honoring Women Month.  Whether you are female, male, trans, or something else of which I shall learn, how do you honor the Divine Feminine in you, others, and the planet?

     For women, do you take care of your Sself – Soul Essence Self and ego personality self?  For men and anyone other than women, do you take care of the women in your life?  Everyone, do you meditate, commune with nature?  Do you eat healthfully, nutritionally and deliciously for you and the planet? Is your food healthful for you, or is the stuff you eat filled with toxins, GMO or lack of nutrition? If you aren’t sure, investigate. 

   I recently learned that some produce labeled as organic, is, really, grown hydroponically, which means being bombarded with chemicals.  Definitely, NOT organic.  My sister noticed that, all of a seeming sudden, almost all stores and mainstream brands, have food labeled “organic.”  We both felt that these companies had not suddenly had an upsurge in consciousness.  Instead, they had an upsurge in wanting more money, and, as many people can see, “organic” is a unique selling point.  

     Soooo, these companies found a way to get around not being organic producers by finding the cheapest way to obtain an organic designation without having had to actually grow the food in nutritious fertile soil with proper watering, chemical free.  Even “organic” growers can legally spray the food with certain chemicals deemed safe. Find growers with a higher degree of integrity and commitment.  If you don’t grow your own food, do you best to find small farms that you have verified are truly organic.  Also, do the best with what you have.  Me, I buy as much organic as I can.  I also soak all my produce in Kangen strong alkaline 11.5 water, (7241840.KangenDemo) which washes pesticides off food.  Then I bless my food, bless it and enjoy!

     Everyone, do you honor your heart?  Ladies, especially, do you follow your intuition?  We all have intuition some in greater, some in smaller amounts.  Listen to and follow that quiet Inner Voice within that has you grow and evolve, rather than the nasty, insulting, putdown internal dialog (ID), that would, in actuality, destroy you.

     Ladies, let’s get to the vagina.  Do you honor physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally this so-very-special part of you?  Do you treat “her” well?  Do you allow yourSself to have orgasms in ways that are joyous and respectful of who you are?  According to research I did when I presented my SEXUALITY, SENSUALITY, SPIRITUAL (SSS) Seminar, women require a minimum of three orgasms weekly to maintain our verve, beauty and energy.  Are you making sure you have this?

     I honor and share on the Divine Feminine.  Once it was strange for me to say Goddess.  Very natural now!  I am an aspect, a living embodiment, of the Divine Feminine, Goddess, in physical form!  If you are a woman, so are you.  Have you ever looked at half of a dried peach?  What does it resemble?  Yes, we women are all throughout nature.  

     On another note, I want to know why so many women in the U.S. have sex without using contraceptives, when birth control is so readily available.  Yes, I would prefer that these items were free.  Having an unwanted baby, however, is more costly in so many ways.  

     Ladies, if you are in your fertile years, stop having intercourse with a man without your taking steps to either prevent or cause pregnancy, whichever is your desire.  If you have refrained from discussing with your male partner the consequences of unprotected sex, whether you two want to be parents now and what having a child or children may entail, use effective birth control. Then have sex! If you and he have not discussed parenting together, you are very likely not ready to conceive a child with him.  If you think he will stay with you because you get pregnant without you two having consciously agreed to be parents together, there’s a good chance he will leave once you get pregnant.  Have sex, absolutely, if you choose to, and use effective birth control. 

     If you, darling sister-daughter, choose to be pregnant and raise your child on your own, do some research so you can better prepare yourSself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.  I advise you read THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood (TMM) on Kindle or AudryeNow.com.  As well, you can read any of the 20 books derived from the masterpiece THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, also at AudryeNow.com, where you can download a FREE SAMPLER.  Then, if you desire motherhood, go for it!

     I have to say that my heart hurts at the amount of abortions needed in this country.  Ladies – and men – please be more mindful about procreating!  This awareness is another way to honor Goddess, The Divine Feminine, within yourSself and others. Being a mom is a sacred journey, fraught with love, laughter, tears, grace, disappointment, challenge, rewards, fun, work, the gamut of emotions.  Everyone’s journey is unique.  We can all win, whatever and however we got her.  Woman, honor yourSself and all Goddess, always, especially this month!