• Dealing with such concerns as readiness to be a mom, ways to determine preparedness, and methods to get ready if a woman finds herself pregnant, this book is a boon to anyone considering becoming a mom, or who is a new mom.
  • So many adults think they know or remember what it is to be a child.  Oftentimes, however, people may have forgotten the way kids operate.  This book reminds people of what childhood is and/or can be, including the joys, responsibilities, wonder, and sensitivity of what childhood includes.
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    People have the potential to attract a particular type of soul to them in the form of their child-to-be.  This book includes ways to do this, with everyone aware that this is a possibility rather than a definite.

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    Rather than be haphazard about getting pregnant, this book gives great attributes to either seek in a mate or in the father of your child-to-be, as well as ways for the dad to acquire these qualities.  All of us can benefit from this, as having a great dad, father, daddy is amazing for any child.

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    Every woman’s pregnancy is unique.  If a woman has more than one child, each experience is special.  This book helps guide you through your special pregnancy, with humor, wisdom and understanding.  These are days you will always remember with fondness.  Yes, there are ups, downs, sideways, and more.

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    For any woman, birthing her child is absolutely life-changing, whether she has a natural water birth or an emergency C-section.  Some births are relatively easy, some are life-threatening.  This book gives you a wealth of ideas about birthing your child, as well as reminding you of your rights in your wellness establishment.

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    You are officially a mom!  Some women omit taking care of themselves in those early days of becoming a mother, whether this is your first and only child, or one of several children.  Crucial to know how to nurture yourself, your family and your life.

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    Covering the gamut of these four aspects of being in your raising of your child from toddler to tween, this book is a boon to anyone in the guise of mom or dad to do this with love, wisdom, patience and authenticity.  Exercises and processes will also grow you, Mom!

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    The title says it all; you are now dealing with an adolescent, when “Adolescent Mouth” often strikes.  Techniques, processes and methods abound for both parent and child to grow well through these sometimes trying times.  Yes, we talk about sex and other issues that have to be dealt with in these years.

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    Most people remember their teenage times, sometimes with glee, sometimes with agony.  Now your youngster is living this incredibly important time.  Replete with ideas, techniques, possibilities for both parent and teen.  Remember to laugh!

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    Being an enlightened mom raising evolved children really pays off when your child becomes a young adult.  Whether your young adult is going to school, working or doing something else, this book prepares you for this level of mothering and letting go, a journey in and of itself.

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    You did it!  Your child is now an adult.  Your method of mothering has been shifting through the years, and now takes on a new approach.  Though not exactly peers, you have to respect the choices made by your grown-up child.  How to do this when you have other ideas?

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    When your child becomes a parent, you become a grandmother.  What a blessing!  Sometimes, truth be told, what a challenge!  Ways to be are delineated in this book, with guidance for the various paths that may be opening up for all of you.  This is another important life initiation.

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    This is a treasure trove of information, tidbits, “secrets,” humor that moms at any stage in the mothering journey will love and adore.  What to do when you feel “done”?  It’s here.  What about when you want to scream with joy?  Here, too!  A must-have!!!

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    Being a mother is an incredible spiritual undertaking for any woman.  Think you’re spiritual?  How do you handle a fresh-mouthed toddler, teen, young adult?  What do you do when you your nerves feel frayed?  How do you renew? Be the Divine Feminine/ Goddess.

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    How many of us have come from joy-filled homes and families?  Exactly.  If more of us had lived this as our reality, our world would be a much more actively loving place.  This book guides you in creating this actual, authentic, blissful space in your home and life.

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    Would you like to be and feel rich in spirit, health, creativity, finances, relationships, more?  This book is a gateway to having this as your life.  With amazing contributions from other wisdom teachers, this book opens your mind, life and heart to abundance.

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    A wealth of exercises, experiences, processes, laughter, wisdom and practices the author has taught her classes, clients, and herself through the years are put together in this book for you to bask in.  Have you ever wondered where your Earthly inspiration will emerge?

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    This is a personal book depicting some of the author’s journey with her own daughter, while also preserving everyone’s privacy.  Are you expecting the author to be a perfect mom?  Let go of that perception, as all of us are evolving all the time.  This lets you in on some of what the author grew through.

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    The author shares from her heart some of the intricacies of her relationship with her mom.  When you read this with an open mind and heart, you will emerge feeling as though you are in the midst of a miracle.  The author also shares midwifing her mom to the other side.  A true classic!

  • The dynamic RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS, Healing Racism, Sexism and Other Isms (RRC), is written with love, compassion, clarity and strength for and about our species.  Who and what are we?  How do we intend to evolve?  What does this involve?  Would we prefer to devolve?  Where are you in this mix?
  • Most of us love delicious, easy-to-prepare edibles.  When this yumminess is also healthful and nutritious, leaving us satisfied and satiated in soul, stomach, mouth and heart, that food is a treasure. Food is a gift and great health a must for anyone choosing to live a happy productive life.
  • ABC, AFFIRMATIONS, ART COLORING BOOK Filled with enchanting Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart ©, which uplifts the reader’s energy. The inviting, humorous, unexpected words build vocabulary, self-worth, curiosity and exploration.

    WHAT IF? is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.  The trees saved benefits you and the planet.

  • A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood

    This book is hailed by readers as a masterpiece.  You can get one of 20 smaller books based on this title.  See them listed in the books section of our store.

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