Dealing with Eco-Anxiety and/or Eco-Depression

Whether Eco-Anxiety and/or Eco-Depression are medically acknowledged dis-eases or out-of-balance emotional and psychological “sicknesses,” they are real in that many people — perhaps you? — are experiencing them.  Occasionally, I have succumbed, even though I do Breathing Attunements, meditate, pray, fill with Divine Love and Light, and send this to the world daily.  By “eco,” I am referring to “ecological.”

    This is critical to understand and deal with productively so that you, I, we, can be centered, live positive lives, and, absolutely, take positive action to create an ecologically sustainable planet.  Be well aware that each and every one of us makes a difference, both positively or negatively.  None or exceedingly few of us are neutral.  We all have feelings, attitudes, beliefs, consciousnesses.  We all take actions, even if that action is to sit and do nothing.

    The belief that one person is simply not enough is part of the issue that can allow you or anyone else to fall prey to eco-anxiety and/or eco-depression.  

10 Steps to Take in Your Own Inimitable Order

     How to handle any of this?

     First, #1, Know How to Center YourSself.  Do this.  I recommend Breathing Attunements, Affirmations, Positive Prayer, Transformation Techniques.  You can learn all this with Guaranteed Results  at  

     Second, #2, Do Center YourSself.  Daily.  Nightly.  Any time you have to.  Make this part of your daily and nightly life, as important to you as breathing, eating, sleeping.  Now, I know that many of you eat poorly, sleep haphazardly, and breathe shallowly.  Learn how to do better.  Get my book, VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN!, Plus Enagic Kangen Water Specialties, either at in PDF form or at any ebookstore, including Hoopla.  Read it!  Eat a plant-based lifestyle for one day minimum weekly, building up to two and/or more days.  This benefits both you and the planet and way slows global catastrophe.  I do not recommend those strange chemically altered supposedly vegetarian meat-tasting substitutes, like burgers.  This is different from actual veggie burgers, whether raw or cooked.  Raw gives you the nutrients you need because once the enzymes are killed in cooking, you lose that nutrition.

    Third, #3, Live This.  This means taking steps in your life to be ecological.  Use, as much as possible, 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper.  Use other ecological substitutes.  I buy toilet paper made from recycled paper.  I have to check out toilet paper made from another product that is not paper yet is good for the planet and people.  Do research.  Support those organizations and products that are truly “green,” knowing that “green” and “organic” have become selling points so sometimes they advertising is absolutely false.  Become knowledgeable.

    Fourth, #4, Spread the Word.  Speak on this. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, employees, employers, anyone you can.  Write Blogs!  Know that it’s not over till it’s over.

    Fifth, #5, Vote!  Vote for candidates that are actually going to take steps to protect our planet.  Get rid of anyone in government or other places who absolutely trash the planet.  These people are eco-criminals who require being taken away from any place of influence plus they also need an up-leveling in consciousness.  No one can force anyone to evolve.  Believe me, I have attempted to with some people in my earlier years.  This is always a personal choice.  Many people die without having learned this.

    Sixth, #6, Hang Out with Centered People Who Make a Difference.  Yes, you know them!  You have the internet, meetups, me, books, videos, YouTube,,, Instagram: AudryeNow, courses.  You are not alone.  This is the real “game” on the planet now:  MORPHing to a Higher Level and Consciousness.  Ascending our frequency.  Some call it meta-human, human universalis, or other terms. This is what MORPHing is! I dislike that the work “man” is in these words as this is incipient sexism, without there being a word for the Divine Feminine also ensconced in the word.  Pay attention to these clues of conditioning!  When you need support, ask for it from someone capable of giving it properly.  Let go of ego, thinking you have to be perfect.  Who is perfect?  What does that even mean?  Where do you go from a supposed “perfect” place in the third dimension?  There’s no place to go but lower.  Who needs that?  No one.  Certainly, not you.  

   Seventh, #7, Connect to SOURCE Daily. Whether you say God, Goddess, Allah, Jah, The Divine, Baha’ulah, Ein Sof, Yeshuah, Osun, Living Light, call on the COSMIC CAUSE OF CREATION. Get outside in Nature and Give Thanks!  Appreciate being alive!  Smile!  Allow your heart to open.  Allow yourSself to love and be loved.  Exercise!  Do Practices that enhance your body, mind, heart, soul, energetic frequency, finances.  Be the EssenceSoul and ego-personality you are at the best level you can in any given moment.

      Eighth #8, Let Go of the Past and Achieve Freedom! Learn your Spiritual and Earth Lessons and Initiations.  Let go of the circumstance.  Let go of having to save anyone.  Give them the tools to enhance themSselves.  We are in the Aquarian Age, where we are all responsible for who we are. Know that as a species, we created this climate crisis, and we can solve it.  With higher consciousness, we spread Light, cause shifts in the ethers, and have a way bigger influence that anyone staying steeped in fear.

    Ninth, #9, Get a Session with Me!  Yes, I said it.  Call 927.494.0628 or 1.888.757.3223.  Get an energy healing, reading, life strategy, Transformation Light Infusion session.  Take any and all of my Courses.  Buy my Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart because it works and is beautiful! You will absolutely evolve.  The more you evolve, the bigger difference you make in your own life and on the planet.  You are needed!  You matter!  You can do it!  If I am, and I am, so can you.   

   Tenth, #10, Relax!  Renew!  Regenerate!  Allow yourSself to flow with your life.  Stop being on the grind, a rat wheel.  Find your center, and make choices from that point.  Yes, you may have to be a Life Apprentice for a while.  We all go through this.  Yes, you have to train, grow, evolve.  This is part of the Earth Life and Soul Journey.  You are part of something GREAT!  You are part of the eternal multiverse of evolution.  Enjoy it!!!!!!  Share your beauty.