Why Such a Gun Fetish?

I have to say that when I hear of someone who feels she or he must own a gun, I wonder where they are insecure, what thoughts they have, what is this gun fetish.  Having a gun does not make you stronger; it usually makes you more dangerous.  Very few people actually need a gun.  We don’t have wild animals prowling around.  

     Yes, it’s true that in Florida our alligators are sometimes said to be getting more belligerent because, I have been told, the pollution and poison in the waters and the food these predators are eating are affecting these animals’ brains and behavior.  Yes, sometimes these giant lizards go on land.  This means that if someone lives on a canal or anywhere near where alligators congregate, the person has to be careful.  I live near a canal, with, happily, no alligators. 

   Now, parts of South Florida are being overrun with iguanas.  Some people in government are urging people to shoot and kill these animals.  Some people are being told to eat them.  I do not know how to stop the iguana population from proliferating, yet killing them is a no-no.  Humans brought them here.  We have to find another way to create a lower birth rate.

    I know the U.S. Constitution says Americans have the right to bear arms.  This does not mean assault weapons of war and mass destruction, yes, even for alligators or iguanas.  This is a dis-ease.  This is fear running amok.  This is a populace so conditioned as to believe a gun makes a person stronger.  

     Rarely is a person being attacked by a lion or panther.  We live in a world where too many people are walking around filled with fear, anger, rage.  This is the problem.  Do they meditate?  I doubt it!  Have they taken my MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love, S-Soul Essence S and s-ego personality self Course – AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ ?  No, they have not, at least, not yet!  Is someone sociopathic?  Yes, some are.  Does a sociopath care if he or she hurts anyone? No, the sociopath does not care at all, and, actually, may even enjoy it, as this brutal behavior may give the sociopathic perpetrator a false sense of temporary power.

     Part of what is needed is more kindness, gentleness, caring.  Start with your own Sself!  Then spread this kindness, caring, gentleness to people in your family, your friends, groups.  Do you get out of your little niche?  Do you make it your business to get to know new people?  Widen your sphere of influence so you can learn additional and better ways to relate to others, see the benefit that others have to offer?

   Practice mindfulness, meditation, Breathing Attunements.  Teach mindfulness in grade, middle, high schools, universities, as required education.  Bring it to parents, teachers, practitioners, prisons, everywhere.  Mindfulness practice makes a difference.  Do you do it?

    Do Ho’oponopono!  This has absolutely been shown to create changes in the brain and behavior of practitioners, such that the practitioner is no longer at the mercy of past issues.  Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian Kahuna “forgiveness” technique.  Yes, you will learn it in the MORPH Course (AudryeNow.com/MORPH/ ).  

   What methods do you know to diffuse upset?  How do you diffuse anger, rage, regret to get to peace.  Even neutrality within yourself is important.

    Absolutely, the United States needs a Department of Peace within the federal Cabinet.  This is such a missing and needs to be rectified.  We also need more qualified counselors in school, as well as many more parenting classes.  Many organizations, schools, libraries, community centers and the like are providing classes.  I conduct private sessions (AudryeNow.com).

     Read my first book, THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood, either as Kindle, PDF on AudryeNow.com, or in ebookstores.  You will learn much!  No one is a perfect parent, nor does anyone have to be. Be a healthy parent!  Correct glitches as you go.  Evolve as you go through the years.  Keep a healthy relationship going with your child.  You will reap tremendous dividends. 

    The fetish with guns is a symptom of a much deeper wound in the U.S.  Now that people of different complexions, religions, sexualities, genders, and the like are proliferating and getting a piece/peace of the American pie, insecure people who “got” their power from feeling better than any other group of people can no longer pull this kind of fallacious stunt.  

     Guns will not give the attitudinal-diseased people what they seek.  We must have way stronger and more stringent gun laws.  Now. I will be participating with Moms Demand Action to see that we peacefully, passionately, positively get this now.  Also, yes, get out an VOTE for people who will dismantle ideas and laws that support gun fetishism.