Climate and You

Pretty much, most of us people still live on this Earth.  There is no place to run and hide from climate change.  We in the industrialized nations are all, to one degree of another, responsible.  Yes, people who own companies that pollute have done more destruction.  What about you?  

    Ask yourSself, how do you contribute to climate change?  Do you eat a vegetarian diet?  This is important, even one day a week, because animals graze, cows especially fart and put methane in the air, speeding up global warming.  Do you eat real plant-based food?

    These new meat substitutes that are made in labs are things I would stay away from.  Who really knows what’s in them?  If the food didn’t literally grow from the Earth in an organic way, and has been hatched and rehatched in a lab, you do not know what’s in it or what effect it will have on you.

     As Dr Branda Cobb, founder and head of The Living Food Institute, where I studies, designates eating meat as an addiction.  She goes beyond this and says that eating cooked food is also an addiction.  The prime reason raw vegans go raw is because the enzymes in the food are still alive, bring a high degree of nutrition to the person eating the food.  Bless the food!  Pray over it!  Clean even organic food with strong alkaline Kangen 11.5 pH water, as this water washes pesticides off food.  Look at

    Also, use 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper.  Denuding our planet of trees is one of the fastest paths to lung disorders, crummy soil, lack of oxygen, and destroying the atmosphere.  

    Even look into where your clothing is coming from. Is it being sustainably produced?  

    If you drive a car, what kind of fuel do you use?  What can you do to use a more ecological fuel?  

     You, me, we have to shift our way of thinking, being, acting, buying to live really sustainable lives.  We all make a difference.  No one is insignificant.  Look at what additions or deletions you can make in your life today, this week, next week, this year, and onward to live a more ecologically sustainable life, and do it!  Discuss this!  Post it!  Congratulations!