What Do You Worship?

What or who do you worship?  Where do you put most of your energy?  What thoughts most occupy your mind?  Where do your emotions go?

     Whatever label you have for yourSself, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Bahai, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Agnostic, Cosmic, Atheist, Wiccan, any combination or something else, where do you truly focus? 

Where Do You Focus?

    Wherever you most put your energy can be seen as what your worship.  This can be horrifying.  Are you concerned about money?  Feel you simply don’t have enough?  What about love?  Have it?  Don’t have it?  Sex?  Success?  Where do you focus?  

    Are you feeling scared?  Unworthy?  Confident?  Arrogant?  Silly?  Pugnacious?  Resentful?  Angry?  Raging?  Depressed?  Mourning?  What?  Take inventory.  Honestly.  Authentically.  Easily.  MORPH with this.  No one is grading you.  There is no pass or fail.  There is discovering, uncovering, the what’s so.

    As you get to know this about yourSself, you have the power, possibility and, yes, responsibility – ability to respond – however you choose.  You can go beyond wherever you are now, so that who you think you worship, who or what you would like to believe you worship, can become who and what you truly worship.

Fulfillment Is a Personal Thing

    If you would like a truly fulfilling life, and this is unique for each one of us, you have to know, feel, intuit, “get,” what’s happening within you. This way you know, feel, intuit “get” what you may need to tweak.  This is an ongoing practice throughout life.  

    Do you ever arrive at your destination?  Consider that as you are on your life journey, you are also at your destination.  If this seems contradictory or counter-intuitive, consider that a reflection of two-dimensional thinking or limited perception.  We are always at SOURCE when we open to IT.  I do not know what words I am going to type until I find mySself typing them.

    I do a prayer before I write, lift my energies, ask to be Guided, and here I go!  You can learn to do this also.  That’s why I and SOURCE gave me the MORPH Magic Course, the foundation to my upcoming online Courses.  Yes, register here now!  AudryeNow.com/MORPH/.  Be YOUR higher Soul Essence Self with your ego-personality self here and now!  Please!  We need you!  Thank you very much.  Blessings!