OMArt & Why I Paint

Living a life of purpose has always been important to me.  I have known since a child that I am here to make a difference, to upraise consciousness.  This can take many ways of being expressed.

     When I discovered that I can create ART, I was astounded, as I had always revered creativity, whether in the form of art, music, writing, dance, performance.  Being a born mystic intuitive, also a healer, attuned to the higher forms of being, when I experienced the joy of making Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart, ever amazed by the complete work, I was given a way to upraise consciousness by skipping the logical thinking brain altogether and, instead, touching and affecting the emotional and spiritual aspect of mySself and anyone or everyone else.

    I paint because I am called to it.   I paint because I love it.   I paint because I love color, shape, brilliance, creativity, expression, resilience, invention.   I paint because I am ever astounded by how the piece/peace looks.  Understand, I do not know, except for once when Guidance told me what to create, what the finished work will look like.  I am as surprised by the completion as anyone else.

    I love creating art.  It is in my soul to do so.  I create art because this is a way for both mySself and anyone to have the opportunity to evolve, uplift awareness and frequency, have joy, have a thing of beauty.  Yes, painting can be challenging, yet look at the result!

     Is it easy being an artist?  LOL!  As easy as being a clairvoyant, healer, writer, course creator, mystic, multidimensional being in a world that mainly perceives three-dimensionally.  I love being me.   I have embraced what it is I am.  I welcome the world and life being more in flow.  I embrace my giving and receiving being commensurate with the contribution I am.   The same for others of my frequency.  I welcome the evolution of people and planet.  I welcome my contribution making a difference. 

    Look at the Audrye OmArt.  Check works from every angle.  Allow your awareness to flow.  Note what happens to you.  Select your favorites.  Do yourSself a favor and order the ones that truly move you.  Originals as much as possible because they often have gemstones and are very tactile.  Giclees, also, are incredibly valuable for you.

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