Let’s Go for Universal Free Contraceptives.

I am pro-choice because almost half the pregnancies in the United States, according to the Guttmacher Institute, are unintended and unwanted.  This leads to abortion.  I would rather have safe pregnancy terminations than unsafe dangerous procedures.  Did you know that prior to legal abortion, some women were inserting a wire metal hanger into their vaginas to end a pregnancy she preferred gone?   How do you feel about that?  I find it horrific.

    Without going into ethics, morals, religion, spirituality, let’s talk reality.  This wire hanger story and other dangerous procedures are exactly what was happening before abortion was legal.  The women who did this or went to unlicensed practitioners and often ruined their bodies were the non-wealthy, often non-white women, meaning black, brown, beige, red, yellow, women of color.  Also, yes, white women.  Moreso, though black, brown, beige, yellow, women.  This horrible kind of option has to be eliminated.  All women have to be safe.

Unfortunate Necessity of Pregnancy Termination

Abortion is only necessary because women are getting pregnant without using contraceptives.  We now in the U.S. have so many contraceptive options that anyone can find something that works and use it.

   It is somewhat hypocritical for anyone to congratulate themSselves on preventing any pregnancy terminations without doing anything to then take care of the child or children who are born unwanted, often with the mother without finances, support, and other necessities.  What happens too often to too many unwanted children is that, according to Covenant House, a Catholic “safe house” for kids who ran away from homes where they were sexually abused by either their parents or other family member, or were literally told to leave by their parent or parents because the parents said they had too many children and couldn’t care for this person.  This person could have been 11.

     Here is the Dedication on Covenant House’s book, Sometimes God Has a Kid’s Face, by Sister Mary Rose McGeady: “Dedicated to the over one million children we have had the privilege of serving these past 46 years – kids who were scared, cold, hungrym alone and, most of all, desperate to find someone who cared.  We are honored to have helped.”

     Interesting, is it not, that according to doctrine, Catholicism doesn’t believe in either birth control or pregnancy termination.  How does anyone think babies are conceived?

Why Do Some Women Refrain from Using Birth Control?

Ladies, whether biologically so or transgender, anyone with a vagina who can conceive a child, this is for you.  You and you alone are responsible for what happens with your vagina.  It would be great if all men or anyone with a penis also took full responsibility for taking care of their child, whether planned and wanted, or unexpected and unwanted.  This is not the case.  I have been saying this same or similar thing for over 50 years.  Yes, 50 years.  Including at the UN.  

    Females, people with vaginas, you must be responsible for your reproduction!  Whatever belief system you have been trotting around with, it is you who gets pregnant.  If you prefer to remain unpregnant, and you are of fertile years, USE CONTRACEPTION.  No one is going to condemn you.  You do not go to someplace and burn for taking care of yourSself.  That is a control and manipulative mechanism to keep you servile, weak, unempowered.  It’s un-real.  It’s false.  Sorry to step on anyone’s religious toes, but this nonsense has to stop.  


Everyone, rather than so much advocacy for legal abortion, which we DO NEED, advocate even more for FREE CONTRACEPTION, EDUCATION ON HOW TO USE IT, AND THE ABILITY TO GET CONTRACEPTIVES TO ANY FEMALE WHO DESIRES IT.  

     Research, including at the Guttmacher Institute, has shown consistently both in the U.S. and globally, that when women have free contraceptives, they use them, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies go down, and the rate of abortion goes way down.

    This is very simple.  Please do it!!!!!!