Recognizing Sociopathic Psychopathic Behavior

Before I write, as before I do a reading, painting, seminar, I lift my energies and frequencies to a higher realm so that what comes out of me is guided and beyond my ego.  Some of what comes through me, what I have to say, is less than what I would prefer to say.  Nonetheless, I am here on Earth and with this Blog, to share truths.  You can choose what to do with them.

      I was born in the United States in the great state of New York.  Though I can be said to be born in the amazing city of New York, which I am, my actual birth place is the borough of Brooklyn, one of the five that comprise NYC.  My language can range from spiritual to the street.  

     Having been on this Earth so far almost eight decades, I have been privy to much of what has been going on.  By the way, I intend to be here upwards of 150 years, as such is possible.  A lofty aim, perhaps, yet I have much to live for, including seeing my grandchildren have grandchildren of their own.

Prevalence of Sociopathology 

I have never seen as much sociopathic and psychopathic behavior in the U.S. as I am seeing now.  When I was born, the eve of WWII, a mega psychopath named Adolph Hitler was busily exterminating Jewish people, having characterized Jews as less than human, and he and his particular brand of white people as a super or superior race.  None of this was or is true.

     As I write this, the outgoing president of the U.S., who I shall refer to as #45, as I prefer to keep uncontaminated this writing by using his name, is refusing to accept the recounted votes in many states that declare Joseph R. Biden, Jr. the President-elect and Kamala Harris the Vice President-elect.  Whatever anyone’s politics and belief systems, in the U.S. we have a proven method of voting, transferring power, keeping our country a democracy.  Are we perfect?  Not by a long shot.  We are, however a nation of law.

     With #45 creating lies, which he and his adherents call fake truth, and bullying people, refusing to deal with the actuality of the results of the election, even with recounts and his followers present, and only accepting the states’ results where he had the majority, this is a form of mental illness.  

Trashing the Environment, Pollution in General

Because #45 has done everything he can to absolutely trash the environment, which no living creature of any species does, this is an indication of true sociopathic and psychopathic behavior.  A person does not have to be slavering at the mouth, as is sometimes portrayed by Mr Hyde in the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fiction, to be a psychopath.  No, a psychopath can be charming, amiable, warm, welcoming.  What distinguishes a psychopath and sociopath from a more healthy person is that the psychopath or sociopath has no feelings for anyone but him or her Sself (S-Soul Essence Self, s-ego personality self).  This person behaves devoid of empathy, concern, love, soulfulness, anything that has him or her identify with others.  Selfishness is the rule for such a person.  Me, me, me, me, me.

     The only person with which the psychopath or sociopath identifies is someone from whom he or she can get something he or she wants, usually to aggrandize him or her self.  I am omitting the capital “S” because this person is behaving as though he or she is without a Soul Essence aspect.  We all have one, yet a person can literally choose to squash down the promptings of the Soul Essence and ignore it.

Living Only from Ego

Being only ego-centered alone is a mammoth dis-ease.  It is irrelevant what, if any, religion a person professes to follow, believe, speak on, shout.  The proof is in the behavior and the intention.  How many Christians actually know what Yeshuah, commonly called Jesus, taught?  How many follow his teachings?  How many even know he was Jewish and taught Jewish precepts?  How many turn the other cheek, which does not mean to allow oneSself to be hit, but to transform negativity from anyone into positivity within the Sself so that the Sself and the world gets more positive energy rather than harm.  How many refrain from figuratively or literally throwing the first stone?  How many Jews actually also act as though the world is a creation of the Most High?  This goes for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Bahais and anyone else.  Do you?  

    To recognize sociopathic and psychopathic behavior, note whether the person, including yourSself, has any regard for other people.  Is any group of people demonized?  Is there any compassion for anyone in pain?  This is different from pity, and, definitely, from contempt.

     Are there any groups of people you consider less than who you are?  Is this based on complexion, religion, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, wealth, accomplishment, anything?  On the surface, some people are more successful than others, which also gets into how you measure or determine success.  Is it money?  Accomplishment?  How much love you have generated in the world?  How many kids you have?  The level of your health and well-being?  What is success to you?

Pay Attention to Symptoms of Sociopathology and Psychopathology

I ask that you look at the sociopathic and psychopathic behavior of anyone you know, read about, in any way comes across your consciousness, and stop supporting that person.  They are truly dangerous.  They contaminate.  They can be like a contagious dis-ease.  Those most affected or infected are those people who lack Sself-love, are seeking an outer source for power, who refuse to take responsibility for their own behavior, and more.

    Take appropriate actions to protect yourSself, get this person some help, definitely get this person away from any position of leadership, power.  They will create mayhem, denying it all the while.

    You have personal power.  Get in touch with your Essence.  Be with people who choose to live with integrity for their highest good and the highest good of others.  Be real with this.  If you would like support, definitely call me.  Take the MORPH Course:  Remember, too, that the Light is stronger than the density.  Plus, each and every one of us also has to acknowledge any density or shadow within ourSselves and be about creating peace within.  This can be ongoing.  At a certain point yes, the Light truly shines!  

     Also paraphrasing Gregg Braden, author, healer, journeyer, ancient wisdom expert, when about 10,000 people globally are behaving in an enlightened manner 24/7, we become the turning point whereby this level of being becomes more readily available to everyone.

     Call me at 927.494.0628 or 1.888.757.3223 to get on your path to having this by you.