Audrye OmArt: Art that Opens the Heart

Always admiring creativity, Audrye was astounded when Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart began pouring forth from her.  This either black-and-white or exuberantly colorful abstract art shifts people’s vibration, causing the onlooker to smile inside and out.

All Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart© start with the artist meditating, painting an OM, either in the undercoat or directly on the painting.  Audrye is guided as she paints.  She enters a “zone,” and paints from every angle.  The paintings are magical, uplifting, and captivating.  The onlookers’ vibration and frequency rise. People have released depression, upset, sadness by gazing on these remarkable works.  This is so whether the art is simple or complicated.

Prints and Giclees can be made for any piece of Audrye OmArt.  Giclees are prints on canvas that look like a painting.

    Everything that GoddessHeart and AudryeNow bring forth is to cause transformation, enlightenment, joy, love, freedom.  We are focusing now on the books written by and the art created by Audrye S. Arbe.  She will tell you that she does none of it herself; the work comes through her, as she is a gifted channel, which affects all aspects of her life.  In addition, she has teams of people to do what they are best at, while she does her very vital part.

    Before she writes, paints, does readings-healings, leads seminars, speaks, what-have-you, Audrye lifts her energy, attunes to Source, asks to be Guided to create-be-do the Highest possible, and then allows the Light Energy to course through her as she proceeds with whatever the task at hand is.  Audrye is a born mystic intuitive-clairvoyant, co-creator with the Divine, as best she can be.  Her journey of exploration and enlightenment is also ongoing.  Audrye particularly resonates with the Divine Feminine or Goddess Vibration, by Its so many different names and guises.  Yes, she also embraces the Divine Masculine or God Vibration.  She, as are we all, is both and beyond.

     All GoddessHeart Books are designed to up=-level consciousness in as easy, enjoyable, deep, embracing way as possible.  Recognize, laugh, learn, release, break through self-imposed barriers one may have never known were present, and soar in a new way.  Do so with the book at your side, cheering you on.  Whether in print, PDF, Kindle, hologram, or some new form we have yet to envision, these books deal with some of life’s most important aspects, including children, parenting, healing “isms,” health and wellness, enhancing our awareness-consciousness, fun, joy, bliss.

      Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart started out as relatively simple black-and-white renderings that had Audrye look at the completed piece and wonder who had created it.

     Many are graced with Audrye OmArt.  The art shifts consciousness by bypassing the logical workings of the brain.  All Audrye OmArt can be looked at from any angle.  Right side up, upside down, sideways, however.  The Art will shift as you look, opening you up.  You can keep the Art at any perspective.  Different people have their own favorites.  Your fave position may change.  It’s all fine.

    Whether you have an Original, Giclee (print on canvas), or Print, the Art will prompt smiles from your heart, open your space, and bring a sense of peace and welcome to your environment.  The Artist, Audrye, is happy to take Commissions.

    Call her at 561.717.9965.  Join us at  Let us know what you’d like from us and how we may further add to your experience of life on Earth.