Why I Paint

Living a life of purpose has always been important to me. I have known since a child that I am here to make a difference, to upraise consciousness. This can take many ways of being expressed.

When I discovered that I can create ART, I was astounded, as I had always revered creativity, whether in the form of art, music, writing, dance, performance. Being a born mystic intuitive, also a healer, attuned to the higher forms of being, when I experienced the joy of making Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart, ever amazed by the complete work, I was given a way to upraise consciousness by skipping the logical thinking brain altogether and, instead, touching and affecting the emotional and spiritual aspect of mySself and anyone or everyone else.

I paint because I am called to it. I paint because I love it. I paint because I love color, shape, brilliance, creativity, expression, resilience, invention. I paint because I am ever astounded by how the piece/peace looks. Understand, I do not know, except for once when Guidance told me what to create, what the finished work will look like. I am as surprised by the completion as anyone else.

I love creating art. It is in my soul to do so. I create art because this is a way for both mySself and anyone to have the opportunity to evolve, uplift awareness and frequency, have joy, have a thing of beauty. Yes, painting can be challenging, yet look at the result!

Is it easy being an artist? LOL! As easy as being a clairvoyant, healer, writer, course creator, mystic, multidimensional being in a world that mainly perceives three-dimensionally. I love being me. I have embraced what it is I am. I welcome the world and life being more in flow. I embrace my giving and receiving being commensurate with the contribution I am. The same for others of my frequency. I welcome the evolution of people and planet. I welcome my contribution making a difference.

Look at the Audrye OmArt. Check works from every angle. Allow your awareness to flow. Note what happens to you. Select your favorites. Do yourSself a favor and order the ones that truly move you. Originals as much as possible because they often have gemstones and are very tactile. Giclees, also, are incredibly valuable for you.

Introduction to Painting Galleries

Paintings are acrylic with gemstones or mixed media. Unless otherwise specified, all Paintings are on museum-wrapped canvas, plus painted on all the edges, making framing unnecessary. If you choose to frame, be sure to use a framer who knows how to museum-frame this work in order to preserve the beauty and delicacy of the work.

Paintings are arranged more-or-less in size order, alphabetically in their category. Galleries based on the Book in which the art is found are also included.

The letter “P” is placed in front of each numbered piece of art to distinguish these Painting works from the Lokta collections.

Whatever order these works appear in AudryeNow.com, you can seek the piece you choose by putting the name of the art in the search bar. On the website, the paintings’ numbering will be placed after the name of the work. Galleries from art in THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood, “Big Mama Gallery”, WHAT IF? YOU ARE AND LIFE IS MIRACULOUS!, “What If? Miraculous!” or any other of my other
books are in their own Galleries, as that art is both from the Lokta and the Paintings Galleries. Shipping arrangements can be made. When originals have been sold, Prints and Giclees can be ordered. Prints and Giclees can be ordered in any case. A Giclee is a print on canvas, such that the work looks like a painting. I embellish each Giclee, meaning I “overpaint” some of it, so each piece is its own Giclee original, plus is more valuable.

All Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart can be viewed from any angle and is designed for that. All works enhance the viewer’s vibration plus beautify any space. People find themselves relaxing, even in the midst of these brilliant hues. These works can be used as a healing adjunct. I am a mystic intuitive; the works are imbued with spiritual, cosmic and Earth energy, compatible and beneficial for anyone.

Yes, I take commissions! Call me at 1.888.757.3223 or 1.888.75 PEACE, as well as 561.717.9965.


Introduction to Lokta Gallery Art

All the Audrye OmArt in the Lokta Gallery was created on lokta paper, which comes from a quick-growing bush in the Nepal area, making lokta paper an ecologically friendly material. This environmental boon, plus its beautiful texture, is why I use it.

The Lokta Gallery has Small, Medium and Large original Audrye OmArt. Unmatted and unframed, Small originals measure 8” x 5”, Medium is 9” x 10”, while Large is 26” x 20”. Art has a “S,” “M” or “L” following the name of the piece to indicate size of art itself. The “L” in front of the number indicates this art is on Lokta, rather than the Painting, Gallery. Now that I paint on canvas, these Lokta Audrye OmArt are very likely the last of their kind. Snatch them up while they last.

Matting and framing can make any of these works quite large if desired. Unframed art can be framed to purchaser’s taste and specifications. We can have small art in a large frame with gorgeous matting, which looks amazing. These factors affect the price of the art.

In the AudryeNow.com website, we will number the paintings as you see them here, with the numbers after the name of the art, so viewers can find which works they prefer. I suggest you look at all of them and be energetically uplifted and enhanced. Remember, each work can be viewed from any angle, and is or will be wired that way.

All art can be made into prints or giclees. A giclée is a print on canvas, so the piece looks like a painting. The artist will embellish each giclée, which means I will “overpaint” some of the art, making it unique and more valuable. All Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart enhances one’s frequency and lightens one’s heart.

Prices can vary according to what is wanted plus costs of materials, printing, and other needs.