All the Audrye OmArt in the Lokta Gallery was created on lokta paper, which comes from a quick-growing bush in the Nepal area, making lokta paper an ecologically friendly material. This environmental boon, plus its beautiful texture, is why I use it.

The Lokta Gallery has Small, Medium and Large original Audrye OmArt. Unmatted and unframed, Small originals measure 8” x 5”, Medium is 9” x 10”, while Large is 26” x 20”. Art has a “S,” “M” or “L” following the name of the piece to indicate size of art itself. The “L” in front of the number indicates this art is on Lokta, rather than the Painting, Gallery. Now that I paint on canvas, these Lokta Audrye OmArt are very likely the last of their kind. Snatch them up while they last.

Matting and framing can make any of these works quite large if desired. Unframed art can be framed to purchaser’s taste and specifications. We can have small art in a large frame with gorgeous matting, which looks amazing. These factors affect the price of the art.

In the AudryeNow.com website, we will number the paintings as you see them here, with the numbers after the name of the art, so viewers can find which works they prefer. I suggest you look at all of them and be energetically uplifted and enhanced. Remember, each work can be viewed from any angle, and is or will be wired that way.

All art can be made into prints or giclees. A giclée is a print on canvas, so the piece looks like a painting. The artist will embellish each giclée, which means I will “overpaint” some of the art, making it unique and more valuable. All Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart enhances one’s frequency and lightens one’s heart.

Prices can vary according to what is wanted plus costs of materials, printing, and other needs.

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