a. Medium: Acrylic & Gemstones
d. Dimensions: 24” X 30” X 1 ½” (unframed)
c. Description: Inspired by and created in the midst of Florida’s Hurricane
Wilma as she whipped around seeming to be hurtful, “Earth Cleanse”
expresses the hurricane actually cleansing the Earth of human-made toxicity.
This painting opens people’s hearts, souls and minds, as we all benefit from
living lives of integrity, love and clarity, especially important at this time. Our
Planet, Earth or Gaia, Mother to us all, is creating her own well-being and
must be protected, honored and loved. This piece catalyzes positive shifts
and spirals of energy in the beholder and the environment. Gaia will release
and rebuild. We all benefit by treating our Home and ourselves well.
d. Original: