Field of Flowers Meditation

      Breathe in.  Breathe deeply of the life-giving force in the ethers that enter you with every breath you take.  The cleaner the air, the deeper you breathe, the more chi, prana or life force you get..  Breathe in love, healing, and beauty.  Let it filter through, cleansing your being, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, frequency-ally.  Yes, souls can absolutely need cleansing, too.  And, the cleaner and clearer you are, the more life force, energy you get as you breathe.  Start with wherever you are.  The point of power is in the moment.  It is exactly here and now.  Now.  NOW.

     Wherever you are is the starting point, the departure of and for everything.

     Love yourself.  Receive all the love coming to you.  Breathe it in.  That’s it.  It is impossible to take in too much love because real love flows and is freely given.  You can receive only what belongs to you.  Love grows exponentially.  The more one gives love, the more love itself grows.  The more one receives love, the more love one can give.  Love yourself.  You are Sacred Spirit’s/Great Mystery’s/God/dess’s child and co-creator with The All in All of yourself, your life and your world.  We all are.  What are your belief systems?  Your belief systems are creating your world, and contributing to everyone else’s.  Accept ALL of your beingness, your essence, your true multidimensional self, fully and totally.  Release judgments, blame, shame, guilt.  Then you can discover who and what you truly are.

     Breathe.  Breathe.  Go high.  Higher and higher.  Lighter and lighter.  Freer and freer.  Raise up.  Let your energies, your frequency vibration, your resonance soar.  It happens naturally.  Simply ask and allow.

     Allow golden, silver, sparkling white light from the cosmos and the higher dimensions beyond space and time to fill you up from the top of your head, your crown chakra, down your body, out your hands, feet, front and back, all over.  Let it go down the front of your body and out.  Breathe in white light with green highlights coming up from the Earth from your feet up your spine, going up the back of your body, and up through your head.  You are an both Earth and cosmic being.  Create the connections and be what you are.  Erase false limitations, and allow your magnificence to shine.

     PIcture a beautiful field of flowers — all colors, heights, shapes  and types.  Yellows, oranges, blues, greens, reds, purples, white, black, rooted in many many shades and hues of green.  Smell their essences.  Each one different, each one beautiful, each one special.  Experience the magnificence of it, from the tiniest clover to the largest sunflower.  From the buttercup to bird-of-paradise.  Ginger.  Daisies, tulips, gladiolas, hyacinth, asters, roses, orchids, sweet alysm.  Beauty everywhere.  Everything beautiful in its own special unique way.   Everything adding to everything else.   Feel.  Be.  See.  Smell.  Inhale.  Touch.  Sense.  Hear their individual songs, sway with their vibrations.  Experience sounds of the rustling breeze.

     You, too, are a flower.  All of us have our own essence, sweetness, beauty, smell, taste, feel, vibration, resonance, rhythm, melody, roots, patterns.  Yet there is also a human pattern that all of us wear in our physical beings, as well as our stellar, planetary essences.  We have protections, thistles, and thorns.  Visible and invisible.  Externally and internally.

     What a gorgeous garden!!!  Incredibly lovely flowers.   Incredibly lovely beings.  Feel the top of your head and the midline up the front of your body, in line with your chakras.  Open to the glistening white and iridescent midnight black and sparkly silver-gold and rainbow healing love light of Creation/Creator, the Great Mystery, of which all of us are part.  Allow yourself to be your own true essence.  You are love.  You are divine will.

     Repeat within yourself and allow it to reverberate within, into your cellular structure, into your DNA, the very pattern that makes you you.

                                          “I am love.  I am divine will.

                                            You are love.  You are divine will.

                                            We are love.  We are divine will.”

     Repeat this within yourself, so your cells reverberate with it.

                                       “I am love.  You are love.  We are love.

                                         I am love.  You are love.  We are love.

                                         I am love,  You are love.  We are love.  And so it is.”

     Rejoice in this ecstasy.  Be bliss.  Allow this to be your norm.

     Send love to the world.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breahte.

     Send love to yourself.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.

     We are made as gemstones and flowers, in beauty and profusion of diversity and essence.  We are our contribution.  We are made in the image of the Creator, and are reflections of the Creator.  Of course, the idea of human, the encoded possibilities in the DNA of all of us, the thought pattern from which we all come, the energy aspect of Creation that births the physical, are all in the image of the Creator, the Great Mystery, the All in All, the Beyond the Beyond, the Beyond Words and Concepts that is Reality.  We are mirror images and reflections of one another.

     We are all of this and none of this at the same time.  We ARE made in the image of the Creator.  All of us.  All of us are sparkling manifestations of Existence.  This is true for every place, every person here, there, and everywhere.

     You/I/we can let faulty thought or emotional patterns, belief systems, hamper you/me/us, or you/I/we can open up to an expanded version of yourself/myself/ourselves and life.  Allow yourself/myself/ourselves to shift.  Where your/my/our thoughts go, you/I/we follow.  Where you/I/we put your intent, you/I/we follow.

      Put aside, for the moment, appearances, and look at essence– the Inner Self  — and see then how it is expressed in appearances or warmth, beauty, contribution, lovability, talent, strength, vulnerability, humanness in different sizes, shapes, colorations.  We are made in the image of the Creator.  The Creator is beyond anything, more than flesh and blood, as are we.  This is simply the current costume we are wearing for our sojourn on Earth.

     Go into your inner kernal of light.  Feel its color.  Its quality.  Its essence.  What does it look like?  Feel like?  Experience your beauty.  Whatever you look like, smell like, think like, feel like, all the rest, there is a reason, a purpose.  Look, allow, open, surrender, be.  What is your purpose in being alive?  And why on the Earth at this time?  Why were you born?  Why did you choose to incarnate?

     What is your special talent?  Your task?  Your contribution?  Allow yourself to know.

     Breathe in healing energy.  Allow it to fill your body, energy, ambiance.  Fill your spirit and soul with healing and transformation.

     Now, as you feel ready, slowly start to wiggle your fingers and toes. Slowly start to pat your body, gently stretch, slowly start to move your head on your neck  Slowly start to open your eyes.  Gently return to your body.  Welcome to Earth!!  Up and out you go into your life.

–Audre-y Arbe